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Mother's love: at age 51 she gives birth to her granddaughter, thus fulfilling her daughter's dream of becoming a mother

Thanks to current fertility treatments, thousands of couples who had some difficulty conceiving are able to fulfill their dreams of becoming parents. In some cases, the fight against infertility can only be won through a surrogate mother.

This was the case for Breanna and Aaron Lockwood, who after many surgical procedures, failed embryo transfers and miscarriages, opted for a surrogate mother: Breanna’s mother.

At the time we shared the complicated and difficult story of Breanna, and now we return with the happy ending that she and her husband Aaron longed for so much: the birth of their daughter, thanks to their 51-year-old mother .

A story full of stumbling blocks

As we shared earlier, the path to finding your baby was not an easy one . The couple had to deal (among other things) with seven surgical procedures, three rounds of egg selection and four failed embryo transfers, as well as one miscarriage and twin and one ectopic.

Her entire story against infertility was shared through her Instagram account, where Breanna posted updates on the harsh fertility treatments she underwent to try to get pregnant.

Until finally, it was thanks to her mother Julie, 51, that she and Aaron fulfilled their dream of being parents , an important event that she also published at the time on her Instagram account, where she explained that her mother, an enthusiastic runner marathon and triathlete, she underwent all health tests to see if she could be a surrogate mother.


Despite her age, Julie’s healthy and active lifestyle convinced doctors that she could safely have a child.

Finally, your baby is born

At the beginning of this month, Julie gave birth to her granddaughter, who is biologically the daughter of Breanna and Aaron, and whom they named Briar Juliette Lockwood. His birth had to be induced 10 days before the estimated date , because he presented difficulties with the umbilical cord.

Consequently and for the health of both, they had to perform an emergency cesarean section (the first for Julie, who had her two children vaginally). During the surgery, Breanna was by her mother’s side, holding her hand .


Fortunately, everything went very well, and grandmother and granddaughter are in perfect health, while Breanna and Aaron managed to fulfill their dream of becoming parents after four difficult years .

Photos | Instagram Breanna Lockwood (Reproduced with permission)
Via | ABC News
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