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Why You Should Think Twice Before Asking A Woman If She Is Pregnant

Assuming that a woman is pregnant can be something that puts us in uncomfortable situations if it turns out, well … that she is not. Perhaps because of this, some people choose to ask them directly if they are expecting a baby.

But although it may seem like an honest doubt and without bad intentions, it is a question that can also be uncomfortable. We tell you why you should think twice before asking a woman if she is pregnant .

More than just a question

Observing that a woman has a little (or a lot) belly, makes some assume that she is pregnant or at least doubt it, and that is why they end up asking her if she is. However, that question can carry a lot of emotional weight for the woman who receives it , so it is important to know how to be prudent and always think before speaking.

Naturally this will depend on how close we are with her, it is easier to ask someone whose history we know or with whom we are familiar – although surely in that case the question will not be necessary because she herself will tell us and share the news of her pregnancy if this were the case.

Either way, be it a close person or just acquaintances, we share the reasons why it is better to think twice before asking a woman if she is pregnant.

It may be in your postpartum

Contrary to what many people think and what is often shown in movies and television, the belly does not disappear as soon as the baby is born . In fact, most women continue to look pregnant after weeks and even months after giving birth, and although the anti-inflammatory process is known to be slow, some women may feel uncomfortable if their baby has already been born and are asked this question.

Is in search

For those who are trying to have a baby, there is nothing more distressing than seeing a negative pregnancy test. Asking ” are you pregnant ?” to someone in this situation it then becomes a sad reminder of what is longed for but has not been achieved.

Can not have children

Just as asking the question of someone who is still looking for a baby is something that can strike a chord, asking this of a woman who for some reason is unable to have children can be very painful .

Have lost a pregnancy

Another reason we shouldn’t ask a woman if she is pregnant is that she may have lost a baby, and bringing up this topic can cause a whirlwind of sad and difficult emotions , regardless of how long it has been.

Has a few extra kilos

There are people who judge by appearance and rush to ask the question or even give their congratulations. When you are pregnant there is no major problem, but when you have a few extra pounds and they ask you if you are expecting a baby, the confusion is not so pleasant .

Not our business

Finally, we must think twice before asking a woman if she is pregnant simply and simply because … it is none of our business. If it is a friend or family member, it is best to wait for her to share the news with us .

And if it is someone we do not know or with whom we do not have a close relationship, it is more than evident that it does not concern us if they are expecting a baby (or not).

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