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15 curiosities that you did not know about the schnauzer – Of German origin

The schnauzer is a shepherd dog that can be found in giant, medium or small size. It has German origins and in ancient times it was used to hunt vermin.
It is a fairly old breed, since there are sculptures of this animal dating from the year 1620 , such as the one located in the Mecklenburg region (Germany). In addition, the schanauzer has been represented in different paintings by authors such as Rembrandt or Joshua Reynolds.

It is characterized by having a fairly strong personality, being an active and temperamental animal that protects its family from any danger. In addition, it is a very cheerful and intrepid dog that is always ready to fulfill the tasks entrusted to it, which makes it a perfect companion animal. Regarding the weight, this will depend on its size, being the average of the standard schnauzer between 14 and 20 kilos.

The giant schnauzer is a very intelligent and vigorous breed that stands out especially in the protection and defense of people. For this reason, it is usually used as a ‘watchdog’ and creates a special bond with the little ones in the house. However, it must be taken into account that this type of breed will require an adequate dose of physical exercise and high intensity activities, since it is a sports animal that requires more than a simple walk .

In the same way, the medium schnauzer also stands out for being an excellent companion animal, as it has a more reliable and manageable character. You can live in big cities as long as your daily doses of activity are covered. In addition, as in the three varieties of this breed, it practically does not shed its hair.

Finally, the miniature schnauzer is the most restless of all, so it must be trained from a young age to obey orders and ensure calm within the home. This smaller breed can be quite impulsive, so it is important to set limits, but always reinforce it in a positive way. However, its nervous nature makes it a perfect ally for playing with children and, due to its size, traveling with a mini dog is quite simple.

It is an animal with a fairly high life expectancy, since it can live for more than 15 years. These dogs are in good health and physical strength, although they can suffer from some alterations such as kidney and urinary problems or skin problems.

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