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15 photos that show that dogs are a bit clumsy – But… how did you get there?

There is a belief that humans are the most awkward beings par excellence because of that saying "we trip over the same stone twice." Certainly, many of us have an innate clumsiness as a virtue that creates funny situations but… we are not the only ones!

Our furry ones also have their thing and that is that on some occasions they make us laugh out loud with their failed experiments mixed with a bit of clumsiness. What if they get stuck in places that make you think: "But how did you get there ?!"; that if they are confused of place or if they fight with their own shadow. They are incredibly funny!

Certainly dogs have always stood out for their agility and firmness, but we all have clumsiness within us. We should admire it! We each have a unique and incalculable awkwardness!

Forget about that belief that says that clumsiness is only a human quality since animals are never clumsy and laugh with this gallery that we bring you, which shows that dogs are the true kings of clumsiness.

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