FunNature & Animal15 reasons why cats meow incessantly

15 reasons why cats meow incessantly

Meows are one of the most important sources of information about the mood and even the health of our cats. Therefore, we must pay special attention to them, since it is their primary way of communicating with us and as such provides us with many clues about what they do and do not want, and what happens to them.

Being something so characteristic of cats, it is possible that sometimes we do not pay too much attention to them. It is a mistake since the cat always wants to tell us something when it makes sounds.

In this sense, you may have observed (or rather heard) that your cat meows differently depending on what it meows. For example, it is not the same, as we told you in the gallery, demanding caresses and pampering than asking for food; the tone and even the volume will be different. Little by little you will be able to understand it better and better and your communication will improve notably.

Meows are also a good indicator of our cat’s health. When something hurts or bothers him, the cat will complain . The meow is different from the rest in these cases, so at the slightest doubt if you notice it changed, we recommend that you go to the vet because it may be due to a health problem.

The sounds emitted by the cat are a whole world apart. We can divide them into medium sounds, low intensity sounds and high intensity sounds. Meows are among the first, while hissing, for example, is among those of great intensity since they are usually associated with aggressiveness, to a greater or lesser degree.

This level of intensity depends on the emotion that the cat is trying to communicate to us. The more intense the meow, the more “urgent” is the message you want to convey to us or the emotion you want us to understand. In addition, the meow is also different depending on the state in which the cat is. If you are relaxed, they will be shorter and sharper; if you are nervous or angry, they will be longer and deeper.

In short, a whole world of sounds. Learning to listen to your cat is very important; That is why we bring you some of the most common causes of their meows.

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