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16 surprising curiosities of the parakeet, a very clever bird – They are Australians

Many households choose to have this bird as a pet since it does not require as much care as, for example, a cat or a dog, especially due to the fact that they do not have to be walked. However, the care of the parakeet is also important if we want it to be healthy, comfortable, calm and happy.

There are approximately 16 classes and subtypes of parakeets with quite differentiated features. Parakeets, as a general rule, measure about 18 cm from head to tip of the tail, although it varies somewhat depending on the type and shape, and they weigh around 35 grams.

Unlike other birds, parakeets are extremely social animals. They usually live in groups or in pairs, although they are territorial both with the same species and with other birds. They quickly get used to dealing with humans and are quite nice to them.

They are quite resistant birds and do well to adapt to different environments. The estimated average lifespan is approximately 10 years but, of course, it depends a lot on the care you have with him and his level of happiness since they are animals prone to sadness if they are alone.

A basic advice to understand this bird is that if a person seeks to have more than one specimen, it is essential that they live together from the beginning because of that territoriality that characterizes them. Parakeets are intelligent animals that can enjoy the company of other birds but make it clear that they are the dominant species.

They are very happy, sociable birds, who like to live as a couple, hate loneliness and with whom you can form a very strong bond if you pay enough attention to them.

It is an animal full of curiosities with very striking and quite noisy colors, its sociability and sympathy make it increasingly see specimens in family homes. If you decide to know more about this wonderful bird, in Muy Pets we tell you some of its most notable curiosities.

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