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20 typical mistakes when training a dog – Using punishment

Have you decided to teach your dog to sit or paw? Do you want to correct a behavior that you do not like anything like pulling on the leash or ordering food? Perfect! Dogs are very capable of learning new things and correcting unwanted behaviors. Of course, you will have to arm yourself with patience, be methodical, do not abandon and do not fall into the typical mistakes that make your efforts and those of your furry do not reach port.

Positive training

At Muy Pets we are firm supporters of positive education, that is, using rewards (snacks, caresses and loving words) as reinforcement of good behavior and not physical abuse, punishment or yelling. With these last measures, the only thing that is achieved is that the animal takes fear of us, that it becomes immune to screaming, that it ignores us, since it foresees scolding and that it only acts out of fear of what may happen to it. And we don’t want that.

A good idea to achieve results is to put yourself, for a time, in the hands of a dog trainer , someone who can give you some guidelines and then work on your own with the pet . Canine behavior is very particular and we do not always know how to decipher the reasons that lead the furry to act in one way or another. Only an expert in positive training or an ethologist will know how to give you the best advice. Expert advice will be especially necessary when what we are trying to correct is dangerous, very entrenched or very unpleasant behavior.

The most common failures

Among the most common mistakes when training a dog are repeating the command a thousand times until it is fulfilled, trying to make it learn several commands at the same time, using different words for a specific command, not spending too much time on it. teaching or going heavy, and even sending contradictory orders to the animal (today I won’t let you get on the couch but tomorrow I will).

We talk about all this and more in the photo gallery below. Don’t miss it and give your dog the best education possible. It can!

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