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21 boy and girl names inspired by the sea that you will love

Although the time of summer, sun and beach is behind us, the sea is something that never ceases to inspire us , and those who are lucky enough to live near it surely share this premise. How many songs, stories or ideas will have emerged looking at the sea!

If you also love the sea and are also expecting a baby, you may find it a source of inspiration when choosing your little one’s name. We offer you some proposals, for both girl and boy babies, that you will surely love.

Girl’s names

  • Nerea : name of Greek origin with a beautiful meaning: “the one who rules the sea”. According to Greek mythology, Nerea was the daughter of the god Nereus, ruler of the oceans. Both Nerea and her sisters, nicknamed Nereidas, were nymphs with melodious voices.

  • Mar or María del Mar : name that comes from the Latin “mare” and means “sea”. In Spain, the traditional name composed of María del Mar, whose meaning is “the full of grace that comes from the sea” is very common.

  • Marina : name of Latin origin whose meaning is “the woman who comes from the sea” or “born in the sea”.

  • Briseida , or Brisa in its shortened version, is a name of Greek origin that means “gentle wind on the sea”. In mythology, Briseida was the woman Achilles falls in love with in the Iliad.

  • Moana : name of Maori origin, very common in some areas of the Pacific Ocean, whose meaning is literally translated as “ocean” or “deep sea”. Many of us knew this beautiful name from the Disney movie, “Moana.”

  • Ariel : although the meaning of this unisex name of Hebrew origin has nothing to do with the sea (“lion of God”), Ariel was a name that began to be given to girls in the 90s, coinciding with the premiere from the mythical Disney movie “The Little Mermaid”. That is why on many occasions this beautiful name used in its feminine version is associated with the sea.

  • Meredith : name of Welsh origin that means “the guardian of the sea”. But there is also another current that believes that this name could be a variant of Margaret, a name of Persian origin that means “sea pearl”.

  • Greta : name of German origin whose translation is also “marine pearl”.

  • Irvette : the exact origin of this original feminine name is unknown, but it is believed that it could derive from an old English voice whose meaning would be “friends of the sea”.

  • Itziar : name of Basque origin formed by iz (which means “sea”), i (which means “tip”), and ar (which means “on top”), so its literal translation would be “steep height that looks Sea”.

  • Malia : This is the Hawaiian form of the name Maria, which means “calm and peaceful waters.”

  • Island : Scottish name very common among the women of this country, which means “Queen of the Hebrides” (the Hebrides is a large archipelago on the west coast of Scotland).

  • Coral : name of Latin origin that symbolizes the beauty and delicacy of this colorful animal that lives at the bottom of the sea.

  • Maureen : original Irish girl name meaning “starfish.”

  • Nahir : although this name of Hebrew origin is not really related to the sea, we have decided to include it in this particular list, as it means “stream”.

Boy names

  • Dylan : name of Anglo-Saxon origin that means “son of the sea”.
  • Azariel : name of Hebrew origin whose powerful meaning is “the one who dominates the waters”.

  • Kai : name of Hawaiian origin, very popular in China, which means “sea” or “ocean”.

  • Merlin : name of Welsh origin whose meaning is “fortress of the sea”.

  • Dolphin : name of Latin origin that symbolizes the beauty and intelligence of this precious marine mammal. We also have the female version of “Delfina”.

  • Nil : this name of Catalan origin refers to the Nile, the great river located in North Africa. Although it is not a name properly related to the sea, we have decided to include it in our list.

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