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3 series based on novels by Harlan Coben such as the thriller 'The Innocent'

The suspense series El Inocente has become one of the most viewed on the Netflix streaming platform. El Inocente, starring Mario Casas, is based on one of the novels by the American writer Harlan Coben that has more than thirty works and a large number of readers. This writer began his career as a writer of mystery and suspense novels over the years 90 with Without a goodbye (Play Dead). His best-known novels are those starring the characters of Myron Bolitar and Mickey Bolitar and they always surprise you with their unexpected twists. We are going to talk about other series that are based on books by Harlan Coben and that you will surely like if you have been impressed by The innocent. Do not talk to strangers Do not talk to strangers The first one we recommend is Do not talk to strangers, a series released by Netflix shortly before the confinement. A series that had a good audience and that based its argument on the following question: what would you do if they told you that your whole life has been a lie? Adam, the protagonist of the series, whose role is played by Richard Armitage, is a quiet family man who is approached by an unknown woman one fine day and tells him that his wife Corinne (Dervla Kirwan) lied to him about her pregnancy and her abortion. When Adam decides to ask his wife if what this woman has told him is true, she disappears. His life suddenly falls apart and in order to survive he will try to search for his wife even though he does not know what he can find. Forest Inside Forest Inside The second Forest Inside, another series based on a novel by Harlan Coben that can be seen on Netflix. A series that takes us back to 1994, when four children who meet at a summer camp and disappear into the forest.Two of them appear dead, but the other two remain missing. One of the disappeared is the sister of the protagonist of the series Pawel (Grzegorz Damiecki, who a few years later will take up the case again in the hope of finding his sister, even if it seems impossible. Last chanceLast chanceLast chance can be seen on Amazon Prime Video, a 2015 series also based on one of her novels. A fiction that has six episodes, in which its protagonist Alice wakes up from a coma days after an incident. At this terrible moment she discovers that her husband has been murdered and her baby has disappeared. Alice decides to look for her son until she finds him.Finally, we also recommend Don’t Tell Anyone (2006), a film by Guillaume Canet even if it is not a series. The film narrates how the murder of a woman by Part of a psychopath, she leaves an unforgettable mark on her husband’s memory. Years later she receives a photograph of her in the crowd with a date. A 4 Caesar award-winning film that It can be seen on Amazon Prime Video or Filmin, among others.

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