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5 Places You Didn't Know Could Have Tropical Storms

When travelers rank some of their most frequent fears, the worry of enduring a disaster is high. In a recent Huff Post article, fear of living through a natural disaster, such as a tropical storm hurricane, was the second biggest concern among young solo travelers.

Concern about facing a tropical storm is natural, as even insurance companies have rated the odds of a natural disaster decimating cities around the world. However, while many of us consider the Gulf Coast and Asia’s “Ring of Fire” to be among the most dangerous destinations for storms, there are several different places that are susceptible to tropical storms that many travelers simply don’t. they realize.

From the California coast to eastern Canada, many parts of the world face the threat of tropical storms, often without warning. Here are five parts of the world that you didn’t know could have tropical storms.


When many people think of Brazil, images of soccer, the Brazilian Carnival and the famous statue of Christ the Redeemer come to mind. Another idea that should also come to mind is tropical storms.

Despite its position in the South Atlantic, the coast of Brazil often faces tropical storms formed on the coast. The most severe tropical storm made landfall in 2004, after a tropical storm returned to land and became a category one hurricane. As a result, more than 38,000 buildings were damaged and 1,400 collapsed.

Although this tropical paradise is inviting year-round, travelers still need to be on their guard. Those considering a trip to Brazil during hurricane season can consider travel insurance before departure.

Los Angeles California

Contrary to popular opinion, it does rain in California – and when it rains, it can turn into a tropical storm very quickly. Thanks to the oceanic phenomenon known as El Niño , tropical storms can form over the Pacific Ocean and make landfall on the coast, affecting Los Angeles and other communities in Southern California.

While most tropical storms form across Baja California and dissipate before reaching Los Angeles, the city has been hit by major storms and even hurricanes in the past. According to NOAA data, the southern California coastline weathered hurricanes in 1858 and 1939. Tropical storms can still form to this day, but they often occur far out at sea during winter.

While the wrath of El Niño is not something to be trifled with, tropical storms are not the only concern for visitors to Southern California. According to an analysis by Swiss Re, Southern California is also susceptible to earthquakes.


Often considered America’s top vacation destination, Hawaii is also susceptible to a number of tropical storms each year. In 2015, about half a dozen storms approached Hawaii, bringing rain and strong winds.

Although it doesn’t happen often, some of these storms can turn into hurricanes. In 1992, a category four hurricane made landfall on the island of Kaua’I, causing $ 3 billion in damage and killing six islanders.

While the island offers pleasant weather year-round, travelers who are not fond of storms should avoid traveling during hurricane season in the Pacific. The greatest storm activity in the Pacific occurs from June to December of each year.

Newfoundland and Northeast Canada

Travelers often associate Newfoundland and northeastern Canada with other natural events, such as the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Tropical storms are also frequent in northeastern Canada. In the last 200 years, this Canadian island has seen more than 16 hurricanes and numerous tropical storms.

The worst storm to hit Northeast Canada was Hurricane Igor in 2010. Officially recorded as the wettest hurricane in the region’s history, the storm caused more than $ 200 million in damage and killed one person.

Although tropical storms are a natural part of life in Northeast Canada, those who travel to the area have options available before their arrival. Anyone concerned about hurricanes and tropical storms can refer to the home page of the Canadian Center for Environment and Climate Change for information and data on storms in Northeast Canada.

United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar

Finally, the Arabian Peninsula, including the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Qatar, may be more closely associated with incredible opulence than storm systems. However, since monitoring began in 1881, the Arabian Peninsula has faced more than 50 tropical storms and tropical cyclones.

The most dangerous tropical storm occurred in 2007, when Tropical Cyclone Gonu made landfall in Oman. The storm caused more than $ 4 billion in damage and killed 50 people after making landfall in Oman.

Although tropical storms may not occur frequently in these areas, they can strike with little warning to know and bring rain and damage in their wake. If you know these areas, you may not have known that there could be tropical storms, you can be prepared for the worst case when traveling.

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