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60,000 euros damage – girls scratch 33 cars while playing

A seemingly harmless game costs 60,000 euros in damage. Three girls in the Düren district scratched numerous cars with a stone.

Three girls aged nine and ten are playing on the street on Friday, scratching numerous cars. They damage the paintwork of the parked cars with a stone. The girls don't think much about the seemingly harmless prank – they have no idea how much damage they are causing. One of the girls later confesses to her mother what she and her friends have done. They then immediately call the police, as reported by *.

So far, 33 damaged cars are known, the police announced on Sunday. The damage is estimated at around 60,000 euros. The children have since been interrogated by the police, who have established that there was no willful damage to property. The girls just saw it as a game. Despite this, criminal charges were filed against the three children. However, since the girls are under 14, they are not yet of criminal age. It is therefore still unclear who will pay for the damage. The parents' liability insurance neither pays nor are the parents liable for their children.

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