NewsEmoji update: soon there will be a pregnant man

Emoji update: soon there will be a pregnant man

The new emojis are intended to create more inclusion and diversity. They are already triggering a lively discussion on Twitter.

There should be an update for the emoji selection later this year. A pregnant man and a pregnant gender-neutral person should also be introduced. A draft of the emojis has already been published on Twitter. Behind it is the Unicode Consortium, the non-profit company that provides the code and descriptions behind the emojis developed by Apple and Google. After the lack of variety of emojis was criticized in the past, the new designs with different genders and skin colors should be more inclusive, * reports.

Emojis should be more diverse

In the future, it should be possible for everyone to identify with the existing emojis. In addition to female and male symbols, there should also be a gender-neutral one by default. In addition to the diverse range of pregnant people, there should also be, for example, a gender-neutral person who wears a crown – as an alternative to the princess and the prince.

However, the new designs still have a long way to go before they are available from Apple, Android and Co. at some point. According to plan, they should be available from September. Ultimately, however, the final decision as to which emojis are introduced rests with the individual device manufacturers.

Reactions to the new emojis are mixed

There is confusion on Twitter about the new emojis. Because many do not understand why there should be a pregnant man. “Men cannot get pregnant,” many commented. But just a few months ago, such a case made headlines: In Spain, a transmasculine person gave birth to a baby *. So it is entirely possible for trans people who identify as men to have children. One Twitter user, however, has a completely different fear: “I have the feeling that this emoji will be used almost exclusively for ‘man with a beer belly has indigestion'”.

* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA .

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