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Wedding despite 45 years of age difference – Mohamed is 36, Iris 81

Iris and Mohamed are 45 years and about 4,000 kilometers apart. But their love overcomes every obstacle.

About two years ago, Iris Jones (81) and Mohamed Ahmed Ibriham (36) met on Facebook. It all starts with a lively discussion about atheism – a few weeks later, the Egyptian confesses his love to the 81-year-old. And that without ever having met the British woman. Iris then decides to fly to Cairo immediately to meet the 36-year-old in person for the first time, * reports.

When she saw her young love at the airport, it happened immediately to grandma. From the very first sight of the young man, one thing is certain: there are great emotions involved. While still in Cairo, the unlikely couple celebrated a lightning wedding in the registry office, followed by a feast in the fast food snack bar. The age difference of 45 years doesn’t bother the newlyweds a bit. On the contrary: the couple publicly presents their love online.

Mohamed küsst Iris auf die Wange


“Your kisses are sweeter than wine,” enthuses Iris online.

Iris publicly confesses her feelings to Mohamed on Facebook

And then Iris can hardly get out of the swarming. “Love is … when the one you love cuts your toenails. Love is … when the person you love carries you up the stairs because the elevator is broken, ”writes the British woman. Her lover also searched for her cell phone for hours when Iris left it in a taxi. And when the 81-year-old had to go to the hospital after a fall, Mohamed refused to leave her side. At night he slept on the floor next to her bed to watch over his wife.

“I love you for everything you are, Mohamed. Your patience, your understanding, your determination, your care and your attention “

Iris Jones has also been on television to talk about her unusual love. In “This Morning”, the 81-year-old didn’t mince her words and even unpacked about the first night of love with her husband. “We used a whole tube of lube. The next day I couldn’t walk – I felt like I had ridden a horse, ”admits the Briton.

Mohamed is reportedly not interested in Iris money

Against the assumption that Mohamed is only interested in grandma’s money or in British citizenship, the couple pays off. The Egyptian doesn’t care how poor or rich his loved one is. “I would live with her anywhere in the world,” said Mohamed. As reported by the Daily Mail, Iris is a former cleaning lady who lives on her pension of £ 200 a week and disability benefits.

Iris and Mohamed haven’t seen each other for a long time. Because Mohamed’s visa is still a long time coming for bureaucratic reasons. Iris, on the other hand, cannot visit her husband because the North African climate bothers her too much. In addition, she is now simply “broke” due to her last trips to Egypt, admits the senior citizen.

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