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7 days in Sweden

Sweden is one of the most beautiful European countries you will visit, guaranteed. The landscape is impressive and the people welcoming. Make the most of your trip by seeing everything you can. The best way to do this is by car. Swedes are friendly and helpful people, in case you need help or information on the best places to go and where to stay.

There are countless places of interest in Sweden, including the ice hotels in the north. But because Sweden is large, we will focus on a more focused journey, which will take you on a seven-day road trip through the southern half of Sweden and its more idyllic coastal cities.

Day 1: Arrival and Stockholm

You will most likely arrive in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is the ideal place to start your journey. The city is beautiful, but during Christmas, it will take your breath away.

The part of Stockholm’s Old Town is called Gamla Stan, and if you can only explore one area, this must be it. The cobbled streets date back to the 13th century and line medieval alleys and shops. The Royal Palace is also located in the old town. There you can watch the Changing of the Guard and book a trip to the treasure chamber. Stockholm also has an impressive number of museums, including the famous Vasa Museum, home to a royal warship from the 17th century.

Day 2: Kalmar / Öland

The 358-kilometer drive from Stockholm will be your longest driving leg, while it’s still cool. Get an early start to explore Kalmar, also known as Crystal Country. Very explanatory, the area is famous for its rich crystal production.

The city itself is reminiscent of a fairy tale town with its castles and cathedral. Don’t rush, spend a day here and enjoy the charming city. Kalmar is also linked to the Baltic island of Öland by a 6-kilometer bridge.

Day 3: via Skåne to Malmö

Also known as Skåne, the southernmost part of Sweden is a unique experience, stretching to golden sandy beaches and spectacular national parks. A 234 kilometer drive from Kalmar, the area will combine peaceful country life in rolling valleys of green forests with bustling city life. Major cities in this region include Helsingborg and Malmö and offer a large selection of quality hotels at reasonable prices.

Day 4: Gothenburg

Today, we go north to Gothenburg in the morning. It is about a three hour trip. Some people prefer Gothenburg to Stockholm simply because the city offers a more authentic Swedish experience. It is a bustling metropolis while maintaining that personal touch. Liseberg and Slottsskogen are the two main attractions. Liseberg is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia, while Slottsskogen literally means ‘The castle forest’. You will find out what is behind the name as soon as you see it.

Instead of sightseeing around the city, you can also use Gothenburg as a base as you explore the surrounding coastal cities today. Then, stay at one of the local hotels.

Day 5: Örebro

Day 5 begins with the last long drive of your journey: a 4-hour scenic drive heading northeast on the E20 to Örebro. Another amazing city, but this one was blessed with one main attraction: Stadsträdgården. It was voted the most beautiful national park in Sweden and merges with the museum town of Wadköping, another highlight. Wadköping is more than a museum; It is a life that breathes part of the city. Very interesting.

Day 6: Uppsala

Uppsala, a friendly and famous university town 172 kilometers northeast of Örebro, used to be the capital of Sweden and the religious center of the Vikings. It was even voted one of the best cities in Sweden!

Visit Gamla Uppsala to follow in Viking footsteps by visiting the burial mounds. Visit the impressive 1000-year-old church that still stands today and enjoy a mead in a Swedish pub before retiring to one of the many hotels in Uppsala. The city itself is full of medieval creations and old tales of historical events and redemption. It is also home to the largest cathedral in Scandinavia.

Day 7: Stockholm

Uppsala is just 70 kilometers north of Stockholm, so you don’t need to rush the last leg of your trip. Enjoy a slow breakfast, head back to Stockholm, and soak up the sights one last time. If you still have a day or two to spare before your departure, take this time to fully enjoy the different sights of Stockholm to conclude your trip.

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