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A mother gives birth to her baby mid-flight and decides to name her after her unexpected birth

Although traveling by plane is not prohibited during pregnancy, there are some recommendations that we must follow, such as avoiding traveling if certain medical conditions are present or not traveling by plane when the pregnancy exceeds 32 weeks.

Regularly pregnant women who travel by plane usually have a normal experience, but as we have seen in some cases, their babies decide to surprise them and are born mid-flight.

This is what happened to a woman who was traveling from Denver, Colorado to Orlando, Florida, and who has chosen a name for her daughter according to her birth in the clouds .

According to what she narrates in an interview for Today, Shakeria Martin was taking a nap during the flight, when she woke up when she began to feel contractions : ” The first thing that went through my mind was that this could not be happening now. This cannot be, there’s no way I’m going to have this baby on this plane ,” he says.

Unlike other cases in which there has been the lucky chance that a doctor is on the plane, the airline staff did not find anyone who could support them, so they took on the task of receiving the baby themselves.

The flight attendants gathered the medical supplies they had on the plane and moved the mother to the back of the plane, while the pilots looked for a place where she could make an emergency landing, since there was still plenty of time to reach her destination.

In a post on the Facebook page of Frontier Airlines, the airline in which the mother was traveling, Diana Giraldo, the stewardess who accompanied the mother and received the baby, is particularly recognized for her “exemplary” and “calm” behavior. “ .

Diana says that she saw the nervous mother, so she knew that part of her responsibility would be to accompany her emotionally:I am an older sister, and from my point of view I saw a young and fearful woman ,” she explains to Today. ” There was no room in me for doubt. I had to make sure I was there for her .”

According to the airline, the mother chose Sky (“sky” in English) as her daughter’s middle name , because her baby was born near the tail of the plane, where the image of Luna and Lilly, a werewolf mother and her puppy.

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