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Abuse allegations around Prince Andrew: Father of the alleged victim calls for jail time

Virginia Roberts Giuffre is said to have been sexually abused by Prince Andrew. Your father is now demanding an appropriate punishment.

The now 38-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre accuses the second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II (95), Prince Andrew, of having sexually abused her several times as a 17-year-old – in Ghislaine Maxwell’s apartment and in the presence of her partner Jeffrey Epstein. For weeks, however, the British prince had simply ignored the civil complaint and remained silent.

In the ITV program Good Morning Britain, the alleged victim’s father, Sky Roberts, has spoken out and called for Prince Andrew to be sentenced to prison. “We’re not in William Wallace’s days where the royals can just do what they want,” he notes. Therefore, the Duke of York must be held accountable for his alleged crimes against Virginia Roberts Guiffre. “I want him to go to jail at least for a while,” said Roberts.

Alleged abuse by Prince Andrew: Alleged victim’s father shows remorse

“I am very proud of my daughter for bringing this civil lawsuit against him,” said Roberts. Prince Andrew knows what he did wrong. He read a lot of things, like Prince Andrew claiming never to have met Virginia, although there is a picture of them with Miss Maxwell in the background.

Nach einem missglückten Interview hatte sich Prinz Andrew aus der Öffentlichkeit zurückgezogen – bis zur Beerdigung seines Vaters Prinz Philip.


After an unsuccessful interview, Prince Andrew withdrew from the public – until the funeral of his father, Prince Philip.

In addition, Roberts regrets having brought his daughter to Mr. Epstein. “I had no idea what was going on. If I, as a father, had known what was going on, I would have prevented it. I regret that very much. I loved my daughter when she was born, I love her now, and I’ve always loved her in between, ”he explains.

Sexual abuse allegation: Prince Andrew defends himself against the lawsuit

Prince Andrew, the second son of the British Queen, has always denied the allegations against him, but withdrew from all public duties in the course of the matter. He only attended the funeral of his father Prince Philip in Windsor in April with other high-ranking members of the royal family.

Prince Andrew defends Roberts’ lawsuit with formal legal means, he questions the jurisdiction of the New York Federal Court. The Duke of York claims that the application was improperly served on him. However, according to recently published court documents, this happened on August 27th – but not in person. A representative of Giuffres swore last week that he had given the papers to a police officer. Prince Andrew is contesting this type of delivery. (Tanja Koch)

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