NewsAccidents with e-scooters in Berlin more than doubled

Accidents with e-scooters in Berlin more than doubled

E-scooters are particularly popular in tourist cities, but they are also controversial: the number of accidents in Berlin rose rapidly last year.

Berlin – In Berlin, the number of accidents involving e-scooters has more than doubled. As of November 30, 2021, the police counted 775 traffic accidents involving such scooters and 572 injuries.

In 2020 as a whole, there were 325 accidents with 235 injuries. This emerges from a response from the transport administration to a parliamentary question from MP Oliver Friederici (CDU).

According to this, six providers of e-scooters are currently active in Berlin. Especially in the city center the offers have increased. And with it the conflicts: For example, by drivers who use the sidewalk despite the ban, or by scooters that block the sidewalk. According to the Senate, around 23,000 e-scooters were available in June 2021 according to the providers. In 2020 there were still around 16,000. dpa

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