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Adoption: Advantages of Adopting an Adult Pet – Another Chance

When we consider adopting a pet, the most common thing is that we are inclined to look for a puppy, because of the idea that we have that they are easier to educate and that it is better for them to get used to us from a young age, as well as for a matter of selfishness: wanting to spend with them as many years as possible. The option of adopting a puppy is very good, since there are many unwanted litters in foster homes wanting to have a permanent home, but you also have to take into account those animals that have been in shelters for years waiting for their opportunity.

Adopting an adult dog or cat has many advantages, although sometimes it is complicated, especially if the animal has a past of neglect and / or abuse . In most cases, the animal ends up adapting without major problems, but patience and love will be necessary on our part. Nor should we be afraid to go to an ethologist to help us resolve possible fears that our pet may have. Above all, never lose your patience: keep in mind that it is not his fault, but that of the person who abused him.

The adult dog or cat will be calmer than a puppy, it will not do as many tricks and normally, having passed through a shelter, it will be used to dealing with both people and other animals. His socialization has already taken place and he will usually have no problem adjusting to his new home and new family. In addition, the relationship with the adult animal is very gratifying, since he knows that you have given him a new opportunity.

People who have adopted a pet of a certain age (when we speak of an adult we mean one and a half years of age) agree that the bond established with it is very special, since they, although sometimes we think that they are not , they are very aware of what has happened to them. They become great companions and inseparable from their “saviors.”

We tell you some of the advantages of bringing an adult pet into your life.

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