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Adriana Ugarte to star in the Spanish version of the Turkish series 'Madre'

Turkish series are experiencing one of their best audience moments on Spanish television networks. But now a new trend is emerging that consists of adapting these series to the fiction of our country with the aim of matching its incredible audience data. Atresmedia has already adapted the Turkish series Fatmagül with Alba and will now repeat the experience with Madre. This new adaptation of Madre will star the well-known actress Adriana Ugarte, according to Variety. The actress is known for her unforgettable roles in fictions such as The Time Between Seams, Hache, Closed Rooms, The Lady or The Stolen Children. The actress also stars in the Parot series that premieres Amazon Prime Video at the end of May. The Turkish version of Madre premiered in March 2019 on Atresmedia’s Nova and had an average of 555,000 viewers and a 4% audience share, reaching a maximum of 700,000 viewers at the same time. One of the best audience results for series in recent years.Adriana Ugarte, protagonist of MadreIn the Spanish adaptation of Madre Adriana Ugarte will play Manuela, a young biologist who has moved away from her adoptive family to live alone in some marshes, where is dedicated to the study of birds. Traumatized by the unforgettable wound of her parents’ abandonment, she has decided that she will never have children. Manuela will see how her ideas and dreams change when she meets Alba, a young woman who will make her face her demons from the past. In addition, it will make you rethink your future and what you expect from life. MadreAn adaptation of the Turkish series AnneThe Spanish series Madre is an adaptation of the Turkish Anne, a series that has been very successful on the Nova network in our country.A curious fact is that this series is in turn based on the Japanese Mother. The Spanish version will have 13 chapters of one hour each and will be produced by Atresmedia and Buendía Estudios. In addition, it will have Montse García, Sonia Martínez and Eduardo Galdo as executive producers. The latter will also lead the writing team together with Lele Portas, Marco T. Socorro, Joana Ortueta, Humberto Ortega and Natalia García-Prieto. Regarding the rest of the cast, it is still a great unknown. According to the latest rumors, those responsible for the adaptation of the Turkish series are still looking for the rest of the actors who will accompany Adriana Ugarte in this adventure. What is clear is that they will be sure to match the protagonist of the series.

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