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Am I wrong with my dog's upbringing? – Treat the dog like a person

The most serious and primary mistake that humans can make when it comes to keeping a dog is to incorporate it into our home without being totally clear about it or without having made a family consensus. This blunder will have fatal consequences in the animal’s coexistence if we do not adapt to the idea of living with it and all its circumstances.

Apart from this first and great mistake, there are other inappropriate human behaviors that lead to a dog developing inappropriate behavior and becoming “socially annoying.” In almost all cases, the mistake starts from considering the animal as an equal …

For example, when we treat it like a human baby because it awakens that paternalistic feeling that we have inside. Indulging in whims, creating maximum dependency, favoring other animals or humans in the home will cause the animal to develop behaviors such as separation anxiety or aggressiveness when other animals approach you.

Not specifying the basic rules with all members of the family because we think that the animal will understand when something is done and when not, with whom it does and with whom it will not bring a great “mental cocoa” for your animal and some unwanted behavior like he growls at us when a human wants to get him off the couch if another allows it.

They also do not know why you are reprimanding them at that moment if what has bothered you has happened hours ago but we had not realized it. And here is a good example rubbing his face in the pee when he has done it at home. This is not okay anywhere. The animal does not understand why we have such strange behavior and above all it will not understand the hint (quite direct) that we do that as punishment for having done its business at home.

We will continue to review where we went wrong regarding their education.

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