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An Australian mother gave birth to a 6.6kg baby in a natural birth

An Australian mother gave birth in a natural delivery to a baby who weighed 6.6 kilos at birth, almost twice the average weight of a baby born at 40 weeks’ gestation. According to 7News, both the mother and the girl, whose name is Willow, are in perfect health.

The delivery took place on March 11 in Melbourne, Australia, and although they already knew it would be a big baby, they did not imagine how long. Anyway, it was not the first time, since his first daughter was also born larger than usual, weighed 5.6 kg.

Due to her generous proportions, the girl wears clothes for babies of three months, which is the approximate average weight of a baby of that age or even older.

He is not the largest newborn baby in the world. According to the Guiness Book, the heaviest baby was born in 1879 and weighing 10 kilos, but unfortunately, he died 11 hours later. There is also a record of a baby in Texas who was born with 7,540 kilos and another in Indonesia with 8.7 kilos. In Australia, we learned about another case of a baby who weighed 6 kilos at birth and his mother gave birth without an epidural.

Babies too big

It is often referred to as macrosomia when it is calculated that the weight of the baby at birth will be greater than the 90th percentile or greater than 4 kilos of weight . It is considered that it is from 4.5 kilos of weight when the complications increase significantly.

Beyond curiosity, being born too big has its risks. Having a high birth weight or height is called “macrosomia” and often leads to difficulties in delivery due to the size of the baby. Most end in cesarean or instrumental delivery, making this mother’s case even more staggering.

Among the most frequent risk factors are maternal obesity, having given birth to a previous macrosomic baby, being a male fetus, and appreciating an increase in weight and especially in the BMI (body mass index) of the baby. remarkable mother. And above all, maternal diabetes is the most common factor in many cases.

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