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Artificial intelligence to choose the best receptor for an organ

ciruja Spanish researchers have developed an artificial intelligence system to establish the best possible match between a donor and potential transplant recipients. The initiative has been developed within the Mother Project , focused on liver transplants.

This study is promoted by the Liver Forum , made up of surgeons and hepatologists from eleven liver transplantation units throughout Spain. It has been coordinated by the Transplant Unit of the Reina Sofía de Córdoba Hospital together with the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence area of the University of Córdoba, and has been presented at the last Annual Congress of the International Society of Liver Transplantation, held in Valencia.

This novel allocation system aims to maximize the chances of success of transplants “in a context of a shortage of donors and the search for new modalities to avoid the greater number of deaths on the waiting list,” as the project’s promoters declared in a statement.

Using artificial neural networks , the most suitable receptor for each donated organ is determined. These systems had already been used for disaster prediction, meteorology or military strategy. Javier Briceño, coordinator of the Mother Project and member of the Reina Sofía de Córdoba Transplant Unit, explains that they intend to advance from the current “models that allow calculating the risk with a given donor and the probability of dying on the waiting list” to a “global system that calculates both events”. In this way, the donated organ that would work best among those awaiting transplantation could be predicted.

In Spain, around a thousand liver transplants are performed each year, a number that remains stable and requires optimization of available resources. For this reason, the appropriate choice of donor-recipient pairing appears as a fundamental factor.


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