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As the PS5 unveil arrives, we look back to see how Sony did it with PS3 and PS4

The hunger for the new generation was awakened today with another of those announcements that do not satisfy us in the least. Sony CEO Kenichiro Yoshida acknowledged among investors that PS5 games would be shown “soon”, but without offering more details to grab our hopes.

What is clear is that the rhythms of the presentation of PS5 have been radically different from what we were used to and, with the intention of trying to guess what the next steps might be, we have gone back to the past to remember how PS3 and PS4 were announced in previous generations.

This is how PS3 was introduced

We are in 2005 and PlayStation 2 has been on the market for five years. At E3 of that year, Ken Kutaragi would present to the public a first-time version of what would finally be PS3 accompanied by the now mythical boomerang controller .

The conference would serve to discuss specifications and teach some pre-rendered scenes from Killzone 2 and Gran Turismo to warm up the atmosphere in a decision that continued to be talked about many years later.

Six months after Xbox 360 hit the market, in November 2005 , Sony called on fans of the brand to wait until spring 2006 to get hold of the machine. But spring came and there was no sign of it, only data that made us fear the worst by announcing development costs that rose to $ 700.

With Xbox 360 being sold in two packs, one for $ 300 and the other for 400, the E3 of 2006 served Sony to publicize some of the games that would arrive with the console to the whole world next November . In addition, its arrival would be announced in two versions: $ 500 for the 20GB and $ 600 for the 60GB .

In September of that same year the delay of the European launch was announced until spring 2007 due to production problems. Of the two million initially planned for its launch in the United States, only 200,000 units would arrive.

In Europe it would end up landing on March 23, 2007, only with the 60GB version and at a recommended price of 599 euros .

This is how PS4 was introduced

February 20, 2013 was the date chosen to make official and present the arrival of PS4 . During an event held in New York, Mark Cerny was in charge of offering the first data about the machine, talking about the entire social component that entered the scene, and publicizing the DualShock 4.

We saw the possibilities of the moving machine from Knack , Killzone: Shadow Fall , DriveClub and there was even room for other demos such as indie support from The Witness and technical demos from Media Molecule, Quantic Dreams and Square Enix .

Finally, they announced the intention of launching it at the end of that year and summoned E3 to learn more about the console and its games.

And E3 arrived. On June 10, 2013, the appearance of the machine, its retail price, the PlayStation cloud that would derive in PS Now was shown and it was repositioned at Christmas 2013. It was necessary to wait until Gamescom at the end of August to know the final date: November 15 in the United States and November 29 in Europe .

It should be noted that Sony was able to take advantage of very well being behind Microsoft with the announcement, which allowed it to control the discourse much better and reach the market with a push that has accompanied it during the rest of the generation. PS4 would hit stores with a price of 399 euros .

This is how PS5 is presenting itself

Despite the incessant rumors surrounding these types of releases, the first page in the history of PS5 was written in April 2019 after the development of the console and its first features were officially revealed.

It would not be until October of that same year that we would receive more data : it will be called PlayStation 5, it will have a new controller and it will arrive at the end of 2020 .

From there, the ads are unveiled with a dropper and without prior notice. In January the logo is made official at CES 2020 , in March Mark Cerny offers a technical conference in which he talks about the architecture of the machine, and at the beginning of April they unveil the DualSense controller.

After that, more bickering that talks about the increase in the production costs of the console, the lack of units for the launch and absolute silence from Sony with everything that entails clarifying a bit what their plans are. It is Epic Games that, in company with the announcement of its Unreal Engine 5 , reveals what the visual possibilities of PS5 aim to be.

From here the horizon is completely diffuse. Despite rumors about a possible presentation in June, by Sony we only have that ” soon ” and the promise of arriving at some point in late 2020 yet to be specified. You have to trust that your plans will end up looking more like what happened with PS4 than with PS3.

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