NewsAttempted election fraud in the USA: Committee invites Trump...

Attempted election fraud in the USA: Committee invites Trump confidants

In the processing of the US election, an attempt at electoral fraud comes into focus: fake electors were supposed to help Donald Trump to win.

WASHINGTON DC — The US Capitol Storming Committee has subpoenaed 14 people suspected of involvement in attempted voter fraud. In the wake of the 2020 US presidential election, there have been various campaigns to challenge Joe Biden’s victory, with Donald Trump’s involvement being unclear in many places. One of the most immediate of these attempts is the creation of so-called “alternate electors” to narrowly secure a Trump victory in US states.

According to a report by the US committee on Friday (January 28, 2022), the people now summoned are fourteen of these false electors. It states: “We believe that the people we summoned today have information about how these so-called alternative electors came together and who was behind this plan.”

Presidential election in the USA: a lawyer advised Trump on election fraud

The subpoenaed Trump supporters and confidants come from US states where the Republican candidate lost the election. A total of 59 false delegates are said to have been set up, as reported by the Huffpost news site. There are a total of 538 electors in the US electoral system.

The US Department of Justice has also announced that it will investigate the attempted voter fraud. The New York Times reports. Previously, the new knowledge about the plan had accumulated. The Politico platform reports that Jenna Ellis, a lawyer for Donald Trump, is said to have advised the former president on how the wrong electors can help him win. Accordingly, then-Vice President Mike Pence, chairman of the election evaluation session, should not accept the votes of the official electors of certain states.

Donald Trump: Committee investigates voter fraud in the US

The vote count took place on January 6th and had to be suspended because of the riots at the Capitol. Pence made it clear during the session that he accepted the official submissions. Although the plan accordingly failed, it offers insight into the extent of the attempted voter fraud. It is not known to what extent the committee will investigate Donald Trump’s involvement in the nomination of the false electors. The official statement only mentions advisers to the former president who used the campaign to disrupt the election process.

Most recently, the committee investigating the Capitol riots summoned Trump attorney Rudy Guiliani. Donald Trump himself has denied the allegations. He has long been back in campaign mode, currently at a rally in Texas. (vbu)

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