AutoAudi S8: the mild hybrid variant with 571 hp

Audi S8: the mild hybrid variant with 571 hp

Elegance is not incompatible with sportiness. Audi has played with this tandem from the beginning, creating beautiful vehicles that are sophisticated and enjoyable to drive. The road is part of the essence of the four rings, a philosophy that they promise not to give up despite the difficulties posed by anti-pollution regulations. With the launch of the new Audi S8 , the German firm maintains an almost perfect symbiosis between efficiency and fun thanks to the introduction of its Mild Hybrid system together with the V8 engine with 571 hp and 800 Nm of maximum torque . The S models show certain characteristic aesthetic elements that give them that more hooligan image without reaching the level of daring of an RS. Nor do they lack the latest in terms of technological and comfort equipment, paying special attention to comfort but also to safety.

The system used by the new Audi S8 uses 48V electric support, sufficient capacity to take over the vehicle’s running if there is inertia. It also improves the thrust of the petrol block so we can expect a scandal performance for the Audi flagship. If we add to that the “efficiency” effect of the Mild Hybrid system, which reduces up to 0.8 liters per 100 km of consumption , we have a representative vehicle with all the letters. The buyer is probably not the only driver of this S8, better for the chauffeur.

A rider who will enjoy first-rate technologies that improve the dynamic behavior of a model with some excess weight and some inertia. Trends that are reduced to the maximum thanks to predictive active suspension, dynamic four-wheel steering and quattro traction with sports differential. If it gets dark you will not have problems, especially if you mount the HD Matrix LED headlights with laser light . This work of lighting is not only beautiful to look at, it also doubles the range of typical LED road lights. In this configuration, the taillights are OLED and form a greeting when opening the car remotely.

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