AutoOpel Rocks-e KARGO, to deliver with a lot of...

Opel Rocks-e KARGO, to deliver with a lot of style!

Mobility facilities in large cities is a priority for many automotive brands, especially given the multiple restrictions that are coming for conventional passenger cars and even for many motorcycles. Stellantis, the automobile group signed by Opel, DS, Citroën, Peugeot, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep, among other brands, is one of the strongest bets on this new way of moving . He demonstrated this with the Citroën AMI, a small quadricycle designed to facilitate access to private mobility in the city, while at the same time designed to dominate the urban ecosystem. Whether it’s narrow streets, small alleys or tiny parking spaces, the AMI feels right at home. Its arrival has been quite striking, due to its risky proposal and its design, which takes advantage of every last millimeter so that the AMI is as practical as possible.

After the AMI, Stellantis wanted to offer an alternative for those who prefer to stamp another logo on the little car. In that sense, Opel launched the Rocks-e, a new quad that derives directly from its French cousin. Measuring just 2.41 meters long and 1.39 meters high, it is fully electric and is designed, again, to be the perfect companion in the city. Like the AMI, you don’t need the B driving license, the usual one, but the AM, with which a 15-year-old with a moped license can sit behind the wheel. However, it is much safer than a scooter, since it is essentially a car.

And now comes its delivery version, the Rocks-e KARGO , designed to offer professionals more than 400 liters of flexible cargo volume. With its turning radius of just 7.20 meters, this quad allows you to maneuver with ease through the narrowest streets. Along with an electric range of up to 75 kilometers (WLTP), this makes the German manufacturer’s Sustainable Urban Mobility (SUM) vehicle ideal for delivering packages, pizzas or medicines, especially in urban areas . Although for it to be available in our market we will have to wait until next year, we will break down all its details.

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