AutoThe hidden treasures in the Renault Megane E-Tech

The hidden treasures in the Renault Megane E-Tech

Every car hides some characteristic that makes it special . More than the others. These are tricks that brands play to differentiate themselves from their competitors and so that their product is the first that consumers opt for. In the case of Renault, it relies on the skills and experience of its engineers, technicians and experts from the Aubevoye Technical Center (Eure department, France). These hide some treasures such as the Acoustic and Electromagnetic Compatibility poles that contribute to the excellence of the French manufacturer’s products, specifically, in the new Renault Megane E-Tech.

In detail, the Aubevoye Technical Center is a place with a vocation for confidentiality. Opened in 1982, it celebrates its 40th anniversary this year while remaining a key asset for the group’s future. This secret place , where only initiates are admitted, has an area of 620 intra-mural hectares and a 272-hectare forest that houses 60 kilometers of test tracks. Also 33 unusual tracks such as a speed ring, a medium mountain, steep slopes…; also 44 test benches, 2 climatic tunnels, 11 different benches, 18 corrosion enclosures, as well as multiple means of simulation and measurement.

Everything is tested at this Renault center: driving and braking in all weather conditions and on all types of roads, durability, thermal resistance to high and low temperatures, as well as acoustic qualities and electromagnetic compatibility. And it is that obviously the client must have the guarantee of having an extremely safe and reliable vehicle . And this is exactly what the Renault experts have in mind when carrying out all these tests, as Stéphane Coumert points out: “Electronics are everywhere in cars. The number of electrical and electronic equipment on board has multiplied by four, going from 20 to 80 in fifteen years. When a new feature is integrated, our role is to validate it to ensure our customers safe and reliable vehicles that strictly comply with relevant regulations. Our greatest success is that the client does not hear about us and keep this treasure hidden dedicated to their safety.

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