AutoTires are key to fuel economy

Tires are key to fuel economy

That the tires of your car are one of the most important active safety elements of your car is nothing new. In fact, they are the vehicle’s only point of contact with the road, so choosing the right one and carrying out proper maintenance should be a priority for every driver. For this, the Association of Tire Manufacturers of Spain (Afane) helps us with some keys so that we know how to take care of the ‘shoes’ of the car and thus achieve greater safety and fuel savings. Because yes, this can help us reduce the consumption of the car. “It is essential for consumers at a time when fuel is very expensive and affects the family economy considerably,” they detail from the group.

In the first place, to save gasoline “it is essential to have the tires in good condition”. For this reason, the tire pressure must be checked (always with cold tires) to achieve the best performance of the vehicle. This should be done from time to time for better driving in our daily lives, and always before a long journey. Keep in mind that the ideal pressure depends on each vehicle, but other factors such as the number of passengers, average speed, time, or luggage also have an influence.

Also check the tire pattern and wear, especially in the summer months, as the heat can cause the asphalt to reach temperatures of up to 70ºC. Which causes tire wear to increase. And never forget that any vehicle that circulates with a tread depth of less than 1.6 mm, “not only lacks the necessary safety guarantees, but is also legally not authorized to travel on the road.”

Likewise, driving parallel to the vehicle in poor condition accelerates tire wear without the driver realizing it in many cases. Some of its consequences are greater and irregular wear, less effective braking, greater rolling noise and increased driving vibrations, and therefore, higher fuel consumption.

In the same way, to achieve greater efficiency when we drive, we must know how to choose the tire that our car needs. “You have to be selective when buying and opt for the most suitable model.” Are we not clear? Afane details that a label “is nothing more than a standardized system, similar to the energy label of household appliances, which includes complete information and clear specifications on, basically, three aspects: the efficiency levels of a tire in energy consumption – fuel- of the vehicle; grip on icy, wet and snowy ground and, finally, the external noise it produces. It is, in short, a tool that contributes to improving road safety, the environment, and that generates transparency by clearly offering information from tire manufacturers to motorists and garage professionals”.

In addition, it should be noted that the safest option for driving in the coldest months of the year is winter tires. And it is that in adverse weather conditions, when standard tires lose grip, winter tires increase vehicle control and mobility thanks to their special characteristics in terms of rubber compounds and tread sculpture. Specifically, and according to Afane, these types of tyres, “thanks to the compounds with which they are made and the design of their tread, greatly exceed the efficiency of standard tires when the temperature is below 7ºC, since Whether on dry, wet, icy, muddy or snowy roads, they guarantee the main qualities that drivers demand from their tyres, especially when grip conditions are difficult: traction, control in all circumstances and the ability to stop Safely”.

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