AutoThis is the vehicle of 2040 according to Lexus

This is the vehicle of 2040 according to Lexus

Not too many years ago we imagined the car of the future like Marty McFly’s DeLorean or Deckard’s sedan in ‘Blade Runner’… vehicles with a very different design from what we see on the streets and, above all, that could fly! Although we have achieved little of those cinematographic dreams, which are still projects that do not have an arrival date, we have advanced a lot. And if not, ask the students of the Royal College of Art (RCA) in London, one of the most prestigious and influential art and design research and learning centers in the world. Representing none other than the future generation of international design talent, they have produced a series of radical new luxury mobility concepts. Under the creative program launched by Lexus, ‘The Soul of Future Premium’, they were looking for an idea of how luxury transport could evolve by the middle of the 21st century. A challenge that consisted of exploring new vehicle architectures to face the changes in the life, society and demographics of European cities, and reinvent the role that the Lexus brand could play in the mobility landscape in the two decades to come.

The result has been impressive. But they have not been alone, they have been advised by Ian Cartabiano and Lance Scott , President and General Director of Design of the ED2 of the Lexus European Design Center, respectively; and alongside Professor Dale Harrow , IMDC President, and Chris Thorpe , Director of Intelligent Mobility for the Program. “We have been very impressed by the great creativity and innovation shown by all the designers. They have shown skill and imagination in putting their ideas together to design the mobility of the future and see how Lexus’ concept of premium quality could evolve,” Cartabiano explained. Harrow commented: “RCA Intelligent Mobility staff and students are delighted to have collaborated with Lexus on ‘The Soul of Future Premium’ programme. The project provides an exciting and challenging context in which to explore the mobility of the future.” with a premium global brand. We show them to you!

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