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New Mazda CX-60 PHEV Plug-in Hybrid, Exclusively Crafted in Japan

The new Mazda CX-60 e-SKYACTIV PHEV is here, introducing the first plug-in hybrid technology to the European SUV market. It is the most important model for Mazda in more than a decade and is destined to become a new reference . And it is that it represents everything that the brand has incorporated into its DNA over a century: an extraordinary design both outside and inside, finishes according to the best Japanese tradition, advanced technologies oriented to the human being and a range latest generation engines.

The new Mazda CX-60 is beautifully styled, dynamic and exudes the intelligence and elegance of the latest Kodo design. Specifically, it exploits the Japanese concept of the Ma, which represents the calm and majestic beauty of empty space, and which fits perfectly with the solidity of a typical SUV architecture, with front engine and rear wheel drive. The interior design, elegant and with excellent qualities, is also unmistakably Mazda, with nods to Japanese aesthetics . For example, it plays with concepts such as Kaichô, which is the mixture of different materials and textures to generate a point of irregularity, combining maple wood, nappa leather, refined Japanese fabrics and chrome details. Musubu or the art of knotting and connecting is also present, which has served as inspiration for the details of the seams on the dashboard panel. The treatment of the maple wood moldings is also inspired by the Hacho, another Japanese aesthetic concept that exploits asymmetry and intentional irregularity. The fabrics used have different fibers and patterns that respond to changes in lighting.

Finally, highlighting Mazda’s innovative Driver Personalization System recognizes the driver and automatically adjusts the environment based on their physical characteristics and personal preferences: seat position, steering wheel, mirrors, Head Up Display and even system settings. sound and air conditioning. We tell you more details in the gallery.

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