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Best Hostels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great destination for backpackers! And this list of the best hostels in the city is perfect to start your trip planning. Whether you’re looking to stay in a houseboat-turned-hostel, party palace, planetary-themed hostel, or a place where you can smoke freely indoors, this list has something for you.

El Flying Backpacker’s Downtown

Flying Pig Backpacker’s Downtown Hostel is probably the most famous hostel in Amsterdam, so if you’re looking for a stereotypical backpacker experience in the city, this is the place to stay! Flying Pig Hostels are known for being clean, safe, and fun for everyone, so it’s going to be hard to go wrong with a dorm bed here.

Useful information:

Direction: Nieuwendijk 100, 1012 Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 22.85 for a 6 bed mixed dorm;
  • € 19.35 for a 14-bed mixed dorm;
  • € 16.80 for a 32-bed mixed dormitory.

Flying Pig Downtown Facebook page.
Flying Pig Downtown location on Google Maps.

Cocomama Hostel

If you want your hostels to be clean and beautiful, Cocomama’s is the place for you. This is one of the best hostels in the whole city! Housed in a former brothel, this upscale hostel is centrally located and packed with amenities. Some of my favorites are the laundry facilities (so rare in a hostel!) And the cozy movie corner for watching movies with new friends.

Useful information:

Address: Westeinde 18, 1017 ZP Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 39 for a 4-bed mixed dormitory;
  • € 29 for a 6-bed mixed dorm;
  • € 89 for a private double room.

Cocomama Hostel Facebook page.
Location of Cocomama Hostel in Google Maps.

The bulldog

To immerse yourself in Amsterdam’s smoking history, consider staying at the famous Bulldog, which was the first coffee shop to open in the city. Now you can stay at the Bulldog Hotel, which is an especially good option if you want to stay within the Red Light District. Dorms are available as well as many private room options.

Useful information:

Dirección: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 220, 1012 Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 25 for 1 bed in a 8-12 bed mixed dorm;
  • € 92 for 1 person in a double room (private room)

The Bulldog’s Facebook page.
The Bulldog’s location on Google Maps.

The Flying Pig Uptown (Palacio)

If you’re looking for a more laid-back vibe at the infamous Flying Pig hostel chain, check out the Flying Pig Uptown, which is close to many of the great museums, such as the Van Gogh Museum, a short drive from Vondelpark, and is right next to some of the best markets in the city.

Useful information:

Address: Vossiusstraat 46, 1071 Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 15.70 for a bunk in a dormitory during the low season;
  • € 44.90 per person per night for a private room.

The Flying Pig Uptown Facebook page.
The Flying Pig Uptown location on Google Maps.

Amsterdam cribs

Amsterdam Cribs is a smoker’s paradise! In Amsterdam, the vast majority of hostels and hotels are non-smoking, but at Amsterdam Cribs, you can light up freely in the comfort of your own room.

Useful information:

Direction: Oude Hoogstraat 7, Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 260 per night for a four-room apartment;

Amsterdam Crib Facebook page.
Amsterdam Crib location on Google Maps.

Bob’s Youth Hostel

Bob’s Youth Hostel is a trendy place in Amsterdam that is all about works of art. Over the past several years, travelers who have passed through the hostel have contributed murals to the walls, creating a fun and exciting atmosphere in the bedrooms. It’s also one of the cheapest hostels in Amsterdam, so it’s worth checking out if you’re on a budget.

Useful information:

Dirección: Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92, 1012 Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • $ 11.14 per night for a 14 bed mixed dorm with private bath;
  • $ 14.47 per night for a 6 bed mixed dorm with private bath;
  • € 66.68 per night for a private 4 bed room with shared bathroom.

Bob’s Youth Hostel Facebook page.
Bob’s Youth Hostel location on Google Maps.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark is a HI hostel, which means you are guaranteed a clean environment and modern rooms. This hostel is one of the largest in the city, so if you are there to make friends, it is a great option. If you prefer small boutique hostels, look elsewhere.

Useful information:

Direction: Zandpad 5, 1054 Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 24.23 per night for a 10 bed mixed dorm with breakfast;
  • € 28.98 per night for a 4-bed female dorm with breakfast;
  • € 65.55 per night for private twins with private bathroom and breakfast

Page de Facebook de Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark .
Ubicación de Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark and Google Maps .

Hostelboat Anna Maria II

If you want to experience Dutch life while in Amsterdam, the best way to do so is to stay on a houseboat on one of the many canals! You can do it through Airbnb and pay up to € 100 / night for the privilege, or you can choose to stay at the Hostelboat Anna Maria II, near Waterloo Square, for a quarter of the price. There are 10 cabins on this rustic ship, ranging from large dormitories to private rooms.

Useful information:

Address: Oosterdok t / o 4, Pier 4, 1011 Amsterdam.

Example of the price of your rooms:

  • € 24.00 for a quadruple room.

Location of Hostelboat Anna Maria II on Google Maps.

Hostel Cosmos Amsterdam

If you are a fan of all things intergalactic, Hostel Cosmos is the place for you! This space-themed hostel is located in a very central area of Amsterdam, with the Vondelpark within walking distance. The staff is friendly, the dorm prices are cheap, and there’s even a shelter cat to keep you company.

Useful information:

Dirección: Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 17, 1012 Amsterdam.

Example of your room prices:

  • € 15.00 per night for a 12-bed mixed dormitory;
  • € 15.00 per night for a 6 bed male dorm;
  • € 25.00 per night for private twins with private bathroom

Hostel Cosmos Facebook page.
Location of Hostel Cosmos in Google Maps.

This article has been edited and updated by Lauren Juliff.

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