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Best Travel Quotes – Words of Wisdom on Your Trip

Whether you’re a seasoned international explorer or an armchair traveler, sometimes all it takes to inspire a new, or first trip, is a poignant travel quote. Enjoy these wise words about travels of great minds. You can find the perfect one to get you moving.

The journey begins

  • “A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step” – Lao Tzu
  • «For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for the sake of travel. The big issue is moving »- Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did do. So get out of the bowling alley. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. To find out “. – H. Jackson Brown Jr.
  • “There is no moment of delight in any pilgrimage like the beginning of it.” – Charles Dudley Warner
  • “All trips have secret destinations unknown to the traveler” – Martin Buber
  • Without traveling, “I would have ended up being an ignorant southern white female, which was not my idea of a good life.” – Lauren Hutton

What is traveling?

  • “Travel penetrates your consciousness, but not in a rational way” – Milton Glaser
  • “Life is a daring adventure or nothing” – Helen Keller
  • “Traveling is almost like talking to men from other centuries” – René Descartes
  • «Certainly, traveling is more than seeing landscapes; it is a change that continues, deep and permanent, in the ideas of life. – Miriam Beard
  • “One’s destiny is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller
  • “I travel a lot; I hate that my life is interrupted by routine »- Caskie Stinnett
  • “Maybe traveling can’t avoid intolerance, but by showing that all people cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try to understand each other, we can even become friends.” – Maya Angelou

Laughing all the way

  • «A trip is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think that you control it. – John Steinbeck
  • “In America, there are two kinds of travel: first class and with children.” – Robert Benchley
  • To put it bluntly, I’m not the type to want to go back to earth; I’m the type who wants to go back to the hotel. – Fran Lebowitz
  • “But why, oh why, do the wrong people travel, when the right people stay at home?” – Noel Coward
  • “Most of my precious travel memories are memories of sitting down.” – Robert Thomas Allen
  • “Traveling too often, instead of broadening the mind, just lengthens conversations” – Elizabeth Drew
  • “If you look like the photo in your passport, you are too sick to travel” – Will Kommen
  • “To be on a ship is to be in a jail, with the possibility of drowning.” – Samuel Johnson
  • “Long journeys, great lies” – Italian Proverb

Travel tips

  • When you prepare to travel, put all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and double the money. – Susan Heller
  • “A good traveler has no fixed plans and has no intention of arriving” – Lao Tzu
  • “Two of the best gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.” – Hodding Carter
  • “He who travels happily must travel light” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
  • “If you reject food, ignore customs, fear religion, and avoid people, you’d better stay home” – James Michener
  • «Let your memory be your travel bag» – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
  • “Stop worrying about bumps in the road and celebrate the ride” – Fitzhugh Mullan
  • Don’t be a tourist. Plan less. Go slow. I traveled in the most inefficient way possible and it got me exactly where I wanted to go. – Andrew Evans

Travel truisms

  • «No matter where you go, there you are» – unknown
  • «If you don’t know where you are going, any path will take you there» – unknown
  • Without new experiences, something inside us sleeps. The sleeper must wake up. – Frank Herbert
  • «He travels faster than he travels alone» – proverb
  • “Good company on a trip makes the road seem shorter” – Izaak Walton
  • “The journey, not the arrival matters” – TS Eliot
  • “Nobody realizes how beautiful it is to travel until they get home and rest their head on their old, familiar pillow.” – Lin Yutang
  • “On a journey, a man must travel with an equal-minded partner or one who has a better mind / one should travel alone than travel with a fool.” – Buddha

Effects of the trip

  • “They change their climate, not their soul, rushing across the sea.” – Horace
  • “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Agustin
  • “I have discovered that there is no safer way to know if you like people or if you hate them than to travel with them.” – Mark Twain
  • “A trip is best measured in friends, rather than miles” – Tim Cahill
  • “Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and I remember more than I have seen” – Benjamin Disraeli
  • «We live in a wonderful world full of beauty, charm and adventure. The adventures we can have have no end if we only look for them with our eyes open. – Jawaharlal Nehru

About travelers

  • “A traveler without observation is a bird without wings” – Moslih Eddin Saadi
  • “All trips have secret destinations unknown to the traveler” – Martin Buber
  • “A man of ordinary talent will always be ordinary, whether he travels or not; but a man of superior talent (who I cannot deny that I am without being impious) will be shattered if he remains forever in the same place. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • “Don’t tell me how polite you are, tell me how much you’ve traveled” – Mohammed
  • “Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions” – Peter Hoeg
  • “The journey is my home” – Muriel Rukeyser
  • “Waking up alone in a strange town is one of the most pleasant sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark
  • “Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while looking for another.” – Lawrence Block
  • “Once you have traveled, the journey never ends, but unfolds over and over again in the quieter chambers. The mind can never be separated from the journey. – Pat Conroy
  • “I would like to spend most of my life traveling abroad, if I could borrow another life and then go home” – William Hazlitt
  • Hitler did not travel. Stalin did not travel. Saddam Hussein never traveled. They didn’t want them to challenge their orthodoxy. ‘ – Howard Gardner

From literature

  • Why are traveling Americans always so terrible? – From “Dodsworth” by Sinclair Lewis
  • I hate sightseeing; an old rock is just another old rock. From the chapter titled “Yachts and Things” in “Answered Prayers” by Truman Capote
  • “Do you think it is so presumptuous to want to see something besides fellow citizens abroad?” – From “Dodsworth” by Sinclair Lewis
  • “Not all who wander are lost.” – From the poem “All that is gold does not shine” by JRR Tolkien
  • “Two roads diverged in a forest, and I took the one less traveled, and that made the difference.” From the poem “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost.

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