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Birth Rights: the rights of the mother and the baby to have more humanized births

Today, June 7, the World Birth Rights Day is celebrated, rights that as mothers and fathers who want the best for their children we must defend and promote, because it is necessary that there be more humanized births .

Birth is a momentous moment in the life of the human being, and it is essential that their rights are respected from their arrival in the world, and even before. That the mother who gives birth, her partner and the baby are the true protagonists of childbirth, that their privacy, their rhythms and their needs are respected, and that they are not separated to favor early contact, breastfeeding and bonding of attachment.

The Pro Birth Rights Platform has established the 10 birth rights, which include certain practices that are recommended during childbirth and postpartum.

In recent years, thanks to the implementation of the normal delivery strategy, things have gradually changed towards more humanized delivery care in Spain. Although much remains to be done, information is an invaluable tool for achieving change. And in that, from Babies and more, we intend to put our little grain of sand.

Baby Rights

Intrauterine baby or babies:

  • Right to have your physical and emotional capacity recognized. Babies in the womb, feel, perceive and live what the mother experiences as their own: stress, fear, pain, love, comfort, trust …
  • Right for the BIRTH to start spontaneously.

During the birth

  • Right to privacy, at the pace and in the manner that proceeds in its development.
  • Right to remain in skin-to-skin contact with your loved one.
  • Right to have the umbilical cord finish transferring all the baby’s blood.
  • Right to be breastfed on demand, so it is essential that the mother has help and support in the establishment of breastfeeding.

First breeding

  • Right to be accompanied ALL the time. For example, that the necessary medical tests are carried out in the company of his mother, father or trusted person, if it is in contact skin to skin, the better.
  • The baby has the right to be cared for personally by his mother, father or person chosen by his family, at least during the first year of life.

Rights of the pregnant person

During the delivery:

  • Respect for the rhythm of the physiological process.
  • Respect for privacy.
  • Right to the admission of the chosen companions.
  • Right to free movement.
  • Right to information, informed consent.
  • Right to water consumption and food intake if the person in labor feels so.
  • Right for the placenta, even without having been expelled, to finish transferring all the blood to the baby.
  • Right to have the placenta delivered spontaneously.

After delivery, immediately:

  • Right to remain skin-to-skin with the baby (s).
  • Right to offer breastfeeding on demand, so it is essential to have help and support for the establishment of breastfeeding, if it were the option chosen by her.

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