FunNature & AnimalChanges in the home and stress in the cat

Changes in the home and stress in the cat

Cats are animals that don’t like change at all . They reach such a level that even a modification in the arrangement of the furniture at home, the introduction of new elements in it or even a DIY can cause stress . Let’s not talk about a move … But what is the cause of this discomfort? We are going to delve into the way of being of these unique animals to understand them better.

One of the requirements for a cat to be happy is to be able to control its environment . And what does a cat do to “say” that it controls a certain space, object and even person in the home? In effect, he rubs off what he considers to be his property. We do not see it, but with this gesture what the kitten is doing is depositing its pheromones or “messages of tranquility.” If we do a thorough cleaning of the house, we move the furniture from place, we bring new ones or we get rid of the old, we may be removing those marks that made you feel calm, that made you feel in control. Hence, variations in the home, however small they may seem to us, can be enormous for him and cause him stress.

If you have made changes in your home, if people who were not going to visit you before are doing so now or have even moved in with you and you notice that your cat seems disoriented, hides, scratches when it did not before or urinates outside the tray (marking), clearly he is under stress and you must take action so that the matter does not go away (be careful because he can get depressed).

To begin with, we will not get angry or scold our furry if he has marked certain areas of the house with urine or scratches , as these are the ways he has to express his discomfort.

To continue, we will have to create a new schedule to give him food, play with him, caress him (this is valid throughout the day!), Brush him … with the idea that he knows what is going to happen at all times and that his environment and our behavior is again predictable and safe for him.

Last but not least, we can help you by communicating with him in his own language, that is, with pheromones . Feliway® Classic is a diffuser that releases a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, so that we can understand each other, the same that cats naturally release when they rub their face with people and objects to mark their comfort zone and make them feel calm and at ease. Feliway® Classic facilitates the adaptation of cats to modern life and prevents signs of stress by preventing situations such as marking (urine and scratches) or hiding. In addition, its effect is scientifically proven and recommended by veterinarians.

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