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Classic video games with the scent of nostalgia

Hyper-realistic graphics, open worlds hundreds of square kilometers long, complex stories … The technological advances of recent times have given the world of video games the necessary tools to squeeze each title and get hours and hours of entertainment out of it . However, by some hidden mechanism in the human mind, the overwhelming appearance of news leads many to look back and take refuge in nostalgia; to go back to enjoying those childhood video games .

Because we must not forget that, although they have reached unsuspected levels of fame in recent times, video games have been with us for many years . The whole world was surprised when playing virtual ping pong in 1972 and that hype only grew as companies like Nintendo, Sega or Konami created that primitive gaming culture. True, now the graphics are ridiculous and the playability of these titles is very reduced, but that nostalgia that you feel when playing them and that makes many return to their childhood days is so irresistible that those details become minutiae .

As with good wine, there are video games that improve over the years . They were titles that were made with the love and care of an artisan and that have set the pace of the industry for years. It is thanks to these video games, with their pixel art style and linear levels, that the genre of platforms or shooter and even RPG can be defined. For many new versions and updates that Super Mario undergoes, the soul of his video games is still in the 1985 version .

Let’s face it, there is something to retro about it. A ‘ je ne sais quoi ‘ that makes us relive days of the past while still surprising no matter how well it is known. The decades of the 80s and 90s gave rise to great games that are not easy to forget and, to do them justice, we present a list of some of those classic video games that a true gamer cannot stop playing . We know that we have missed a lot of titles, but don’t worry because this is only level 1.

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