NewsComedian Mirco Nontschew dies

Comedian Mirco Nontschew dies

“RTL Saturday Night”, “7 dwarfs – men alone in the forest”, most recently “LOL”: Comedian Mirco Nontschew was known for his grimaces and made millions laugh. Now he died surprisingly.

Berlin – Comedian Mirco Nontschew, who became known to a wide audience with “RTL Saturday Night” in the 90s, died at the age of 52. The German press agency found out on Saturday.

“Bild” had previously reported online about his death. The newspaper quoted his manager and friend Bertram Riedel: “We confirm the death of our friend and family member. The family asks for consideration during this difficult time. “

On request, the police in Berlin only announced on Saturday that a 52-year-old man had been found dead in an apartment building in Berlin on Friday afternoon. Investigations into the cause of death have therefore been started, but so far there has been no evidence of third-party negligence.

He was on “LOL – Last One Laughing”

Most recently, Nontschew made many laugh at the streaming service Amazon Prime Video in the format “LOL – Last One Laughing” presented by Michael “Bully” Herbig. Only recently, Nontschew, who was father of two, had filmed the new season there alongside colleagues such as Anke Engelke, Carolin Kebekus, Hazel Brugger, Christoph Maria Herbst, Abdelkarim and Olaf Schubert, which should be broadcast in early 2022.

It’s the third season of the format and Nontchev’s second. The comedy show is about the candidates being together for several hours. You have to make yourself laugh, but you are not allowed to laugh yourself. Anyone caught twice will be kicked out. What remains is who has not managed to laugh.

In the noughties, Nontschew played the dwarf Chakko in the films “7 dwarfs – men alone in the forest” and “7 dwarfs – the forest is not enough”. In the films he worked alongside colleagues such as Otto Waalkes, Ralf Schmitz, Martin Schneider, Heinz Hoenig as well as Nina Hagen and Cosma Shiva Hagen.

He became known with “RTL Saturday Night”

Nontschew was born in Berlin (East) in 1969. His father was from Bulgaria. At the end of the 80s the agile Nontschew was on the road as a breakdancer. Hugo Egon Balder became aware of him at the RTL television station. In 1993 he became an ensemble member of the comedy show “RTL Saturday Night”, which set new standards on television with its silly skits. At that time companions were, for example, Wigald Boning, Olli Dittrich, Tanja Schumann, Esther Schweins and Stefan Jürgens.

Balder wrote on Instagram on Saturday: “Mirco was the first to be brought into the team by Jacky and me as producers of” RTL Saturday Night “. I am stunned, infinitely sad and now just mute. “

2001 Nontschew received his own program “Mircomania” on Sat.1. Later he also appeared in the improvisation comedy “Frei Schnauze” on RTL, then also in the Sat.1 comedy format “The brazen three”.

In 2010, Nontschew told the German Press Agency that he once had to get used to being recognized on the street. “It was really new to me back then and sometimes very exhausting. Sometimes I would like to have this anonymity that I have lost again, ”said Nontschew at the time.

He didn’t think much of the Internet opportunities in terms of friendship. He “belongs to the generation that likes to call or meet people,” he emphasized at the time. “I don’t have 20,000 friends either, I have three. And that’s enough for me too. ”Dpa

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