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Diabetes in dogs: what it is and how to treat it

Diabetes not only affects people, it can also be one of the diseases of dogs. But what does it consist of? We explain it to you, step by step. When our dog eats, his body transforms the food into components that can be useful for his development and to maintain good health. Carbohydrates, for example, are converted into sugars that will help our animal to be energetic. One of these sugars is glucose . The power that glucose has is to give energy to our dog’s cells once it has been absorbed by the furry’s blood. The pancreas will create a hormone called insulin , which will be responsible for most cells absorb glucose for the body to use in its favor.

But there are times when the body cannot absorb that glucose due to an absolute or partial lack of insulin, this is what we know as diabetes mellitus.

The development of this disease not only prevents the work of insulin but also favors its “enemy” hormones: glucagon, catecholamines, glucocorticoids and growth hormone.

This disease can be reached by:

  1. Completely lack the hormone insulin , which would be type I diabetes .
  2. Not being carried out correctly some function of the body , which is preventing the work of insulin. This would be type II diabetes .

Pay attention to these characteristics, if your dog has any of them, you will have to be more careful so that he does not contract diabetes:

  • Those who have certain diseases such as acute pancreatitis or obesity.
  • It can occur for genetic reasons, as in the case of the keeshound, golden retriever, poodle, dachshund or westy, among others.
  • In senior dogs because the body no longer performs its functions so easily.

Go to your vet if you notice that your dog is listless, that he does not eat the same, if he is vomiting or if he has lost weight for no apparent reason.

The treatment that your veterinarian will give him if he detects diabetes is similar to the one we humans have: insulin injections to restore the necessary amount of this hormone that the dog’s body needs, a controlled and specific diet for dogs with diabetes and follow some guidelines for daily exercise that will not be abrupt but we should not skip.

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