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Diseases that your dog can suffer in the outer ear

Each dog has a different external ear depending on the characteristics of its breed or the breeds of which it is a mixture. The size, thickness and shape will be different. Although in all the dogs, the outer part will have hair and will be covexa and on the inside there will be no hair and it will be concave. The visible structure of the ear is made up of two pieces of skin that surround the cartilage.

For the outer ear to be healthy and clean we have to follow some hygiene rules:

Gently brush the hair on the back of the ears. This will prevent any dirt, liquid or foreign body that is in that area from passing to the front. In addition, this way you will maintain the necessary hygiene and health.

• Cut or remove all hairs at the beginning of the ear canal . Many breeds accumulate many hairs at the entrance of the outer ear and could facilitate the appearance of certain pathologies. Check with your vet or dog groomer to get it right.

Clean your furry’s ear at least once a week. Do not use human swabs because you could hurt the eardrum, instead use gauze or soft paper and wet them with water or with a specific product that your veterinarian has recommended. The purpose of this process is to remove the dirt that is in the outer ear and not look for that which may be in the back of the ear.

Avoid as much as possible that water or any liquid enters the ear. When it comes to bathing our furry we will be very careful when passing the water through this area. If your hairdresser does it, he will be careful that this does not happen, it is one of the basic guidelines of his work.

The external ear of our dog can suffer different alterations

Even if you take extreme precautions, your animal could suffer certain diseases in its pinna. Let’s get to know them to pay attention to them:

  • Sarcoptic mange. It is a disease caused by sarcoptes scabiei. The symptoms will be: a great itching on the head, outside of the ear, elbows, knees, belly … Our dog will also suffer from alopecia in the back area of the outer ear, scabs, red spots and scaling. You can verify that it has this disease by rubbing the ear of the animal. It will scratch on an atrio-femoral reflex. Treatment: Your vet will give you anti-scabies medication (mainly Ivermectin).
  • Wounds They normally occur when our animal fights with another dog , when it passes as a raider in the field and breaks with a branch or when it scratches too much. Treatment: it will be different depending on the severity and depth of the wound but will almost always consist of antiseptics to clean the wound as well as antibiotic ointments or for healing. If the wound is very deep, the vet will proceed to suture with stitches.
  • Ear bruises. Intense scratching of the animal on its ear can create auricular bruises or otohematomas . This scratching is the consequence of another pathology such as infectious otitis , that there is a foreign body inside the ear … The hairy one scratches because something bothers him and its intensity or frequency produces an injury in one of the blood vessels of the external ear which will result in bleeding. The blood will not flow to the outside and will remain between the skin and the cartilage, producing a pool of blood. Treatment: the veterinarian will be in charge of puncturing the affected area so that the blood comes out, he could also intervene with a surgical incision. Don’t try to do it at home.

Do not miss the video below on the consequences of otitis in the inner ear of the dog.

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