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Do you know how humans and dogs are the same? – We like affection

The dog and the human being have lived together for many centuries, first out of necessity and then out of friendship. Over the years the four-legged animal has become accustomed to our way of life and has become to it. What began as a relationship of mutual “use”: humans used the dog to protect their livestock, to help with hunting, etc. and the dog used us to get food and shelter, has become one of the most friendships consolidated in the world: affection, games, time on the couch and even missing each other when not spending time with the other …

The biggest problem between the coexistence of both is given because the man has tended to anthropomorphize the behavior of his friend. We attribute to our animal typical psychic capacities of the human being because we do not understand things differently, so we assume that other living beings act for reasons similar to people. When we don’t need them to act like us. They have their own reasons for doing things and they are much simpler, more practical and, above all, instinctive than we think.

But that they live the experiences in another way is not a reason to separate them from us. In reality, if coexistence is so effective, it is because humans and dogs have many things in common. We are very different species but we have very similar aspects, sometimes we even manage to see life as simply as they do. That is the key to your happiness.

We both need to live in community to feel complete, humans and dogs like attention, good food, as children we are restless … Can you think of more things in common with your dog? We are going to go over all the things where we are similar to furry people. After all, they are our best friends for a reason.

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