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Do you know if your pet is at a healthy weight?

In addition, their quality of life is lower, since, as with people, overweight dogs and cats have a greater tendency to develop health problems such as: diabetes, arthritis, hypertension and heart problems, among others. And not only this, overweight pets get more tired and this prevents them from enjoying each day to the fullest.

Obesity in pets is an epidemic, since 1 in 3 is overweight, although only 10% of their owners are aware of it.

Most of us do not realize that our pet is overweight, because many times, when it occurs gradually, we overlook it. The origin of the problem begins when the portions in the meals are excessive and the prizes are given in excess. Also the lack of exercise and giving our food can favor that extra weight.

Regular physical exercise and, above all, feeding it a balanced feed adjusted to its needs, such as Hill’s Pet Nutrition, are key to avoiding overweight in our dog or cat.

To prevent your dog or cat from becoming overweight, following what is said “prevention is better than cure”, make sure that they follow a healthy life plan: exercise routine, adequate food and portions adjusted to their needs. In this way you can prevent your dog or cat from gaining weight above the ideal. If you suspect that your pet already has a few extra kilos, it is easy to help him, you just have to follow three steps.

  1. Assess your pet’s body condition. Take a look at this table and find the image that most closely resembles the figure that your dog or cat currently has. If you are not at your ideal weight, read on.
  2. Schedule a visit to the vet for an evaluation, check what your ideal weight would be and help you design a specific diet and exercise plan.
  3. Choose the right nutrition to achieve a healthy weight. Hill’s weight management foods act on the specific metabolism of each pet helping them lose weight in a healthy way. Plus, they’re complete foods that provide all the nutrition an adult pet needs, with a delicious taste to make losing weight easy!

Our pets are a member of the family and that is why we always seek the best for them. An adequate and quality diet is key to keeping them healthy and enjoying a long and happy life.

Hill’s is committed to high-quality nutrition based on scientific evidence. With more than 75 years of experience and hundreds of published scientific studies, each of Hill’s foods is the result of the work of more than 200 veterinarians and scientists who improve the nutrition of thousands of pets around the world every day.

Thanks to this, Hill’s foods are formulated with an innovative technology, which not only helps with weight loss but also naturally activates the metabolism of dogs and cats, managing to reduce body fat and keep them satiated between meals in a healthy way. healthy, safe and effective.

It’s time to find the right food for your dog or cat!

Physical exercise is also essential for our pets to enjoy a healthy life. And there are many activities to practice with them and with which to help them stay at a healthy weight, as well as spend more time together. We suggest some ideas!

If your pet is a dog:

  • Take long walks with intervals of different intensities to burn calories. Combine an easy run, a more intense run or going up and down steps.
  • Play chase with your dog in the park or at home. You will do a lot of cardiovascular exercise together while having fun!
  • Practice the classic game of throwing the Frisbee or the ball , depending on your dog’s preferences. It is a very fun and healthy activity for both you and your pet.

If your pet is a cat:

  • Find out what his favorite game is, and go for it! Here are some ideas: a toy with feathers, a string, fabric mice, bottle caps, a soft ball… He will exercise and put into practice his innate ability to catch moving objects.
  • Hide healthy treats around the house . Try to place them in places where to reach them, you have to stretch or jump.
  • Turn a space in your home into a game room , through walkways and fixed shelves, which encourage your cat to exercise.

– Control the recommended daily amount of food.
– Divide the amount of food into several meals a day.
– Use an automatic or smart feeder.
– Avoid always rewarding with snacks or food.
– Put fresh water always at your disposal.

And remember! Even if your cat or dog does not show obvious signs of being overweight, it is important that you have regular weight checks at your veterinary clinic to ensure that it maintains its ideal weight.

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