FunDo you know the differences between rabbits and hares?

Do you know the differences between rabbits and hares?

The rabbit and the hare are very similar. For many it is almost impossible to differentiate them despite the fact that they are very different animals. Their physical features are so similar that it is sometimes mission impossible to distinguish them with the naked eye . And it is that both animals belong to the same family, the Leporidae , for this reason it is very possible that we constantly confuse them.

Although they physically have many common features such as their huge ears, the hairy body or the round nose very characteristic of both animals, rabbits and hare differentiate many things that we will try to explain below.

Habitat of the rabbit and hare

Although we can think that rabbit and hare live in the same habitat, and in a certain way it is true since they have similar behaviors, the reality is that each one has its way of life on earth. Rabbits often dig holes in the surface to create their burrows, something that hares do not.

On the contrary, hares build their home in nests that they make on the ground, which is why they are much more divisible by man, since they spend more time on the surface than rabbits.


When it comes to reproducing, we also find many differences between the two animals. As we know, the rabbit mates quickly by mounting the female with quick movements and in a few minutes.

However, the reproduction of the hare is much more complex when it comes to choosing the male that will fertilize the female. The male runs several kilometers after the female who determines if he is an optimal candidate to be the father of her young . If she accepts it, she will copulate with him, if on the contrary she does not accept it, the female will hit the suitor with her hind limbs to make him withdraw.


It is the most unmistakable feature to try to differentiate between rabbit and hare. Hares are larger than rabbits, and more slender, with longer ears and limbs.


in this aspect also both animals behave differently. For one thing, rabbits, when they see a threat, hide in their burrow until the danger passes. Hares are much more confident in their abilities and use their speed to escape.


In this aspect we will notice notable differences between rabbit and hare. While rabbits are born helpless, with their eyes closed and without fur, hares are already born developed, with hair and are able to walk in their first minutes of life.

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