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Do you know the different greyhounds that exist in the world? – Afghan greyhound

Elegant, delicate, fast, strong, adorable … Thousands are the qualifiers that we can give to this breed of dog that conquers everyone who knows them . Despite their thin appearance, they are enormously strong dogs and you will be surprised above all by how tremendously empathetic they become . They know when you are wrong and they will not separate from your side.

But … do you know how many greyhounds there are? There are exactly 15 different types of greyhound breeds, but certainly there are some more common and well-known than others (at least in the western plane).

We must say that of those 15 breeds there are two that are very little known since there are almost no specimens left today. In addition, they belong to areas quite remote from the western environment. The first of these is the banjara greyhound, which is associated with the existing nomadic culture in India, a country outside of which it is hardly known. It is a branch familiar to the Afghan greyhound and is tremendously fast and strong. On the other hand, the Greek greyhound , a native of Albania and Greece, stands out for its black fur and, above all, for being the tallest known greyhound, being able to measure more than 80 cm. But, unfortunately, at present, there are hardly any samples of these two fascinating breeds since, for the most part, as with some other breeds of dogs, they arose naturally through the crossing of different breeds but their genetic conservation did not it has managed to reach the present day intact.

Despite that, there are 13 well-known types of greyhounds that are spread throughout the width and length of the globe. All of them have very significant peculiarities and peculiarities.

Greyhounds are widely known for their ability to run long speeds thanks to their size and the psychomotor skills of their body. Likewise, it should be noted that, sadly, greyhounds are one of the most abused and neglected dog breeds in Spain.

Do you want to know more about this fascinating breed? All your types? Her CARACTERISTICS? Keep reading, since from Muy Pets we explain the types of greyhounds that currently exist so that you will fall in love with these elegant dogs.

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