FunNature & AnimalDo you think your dog may have a sensitivity?

Do you think your dog may have a sensitivity?

One in three dogs has some sensitivity at some point in their life. It is, therefore, a very common problem, which can be of different types: skin, digestive, hair, overweight … and the role of the owner is key to detect them.

Everything usually starts with the same question: have you noticed that …? If the answer is yes, that you have noticed, for example, that your friend scratches more than usual , has a tendency or is prone to gaining weight, that he does not eat as before or that his stool does not present the appropriate consistency , then it can be treated of a sensitivity. Don’t let the problem go by hoping that it will go away on its own.

In many cases the solution to sensitivities can be found in nutrition . It will depend on the sensitivity that it presents. If you have skin problems, look for a food rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 to nourish and help protect your skin. If you detect something strange in his stool, it is likely that he has a digestive sensitivity and will require an easily digestible food that helps balance his intestinal flora. A very common problem is that you have a tendency to gain weight, even more so after sterilization. In order not to reach this situation, it is best to choose a food with low fat content and a supply of fiber that promotes satiety . Of course, in the event that the symptoms persist, or if your dog suffered from any previous pathology, it is always advisable to go to a veterinarian.

Being overweight is a problem that affects one in two pets and has significant consequences for their health. Prevention is key and therefore it is necessary to follow healthy habits from puppies: choose a food with the appropriate nutrients for their age and size, control the daily ration and exercise. If we see that our dog has a certain tendency to gain weight, we can opt for a food such as Royal Canin Lightweight Care –belonging to Royal Canin’s Canine Care Nutrition range–, with low fat content and a fiber content that promotes satiety .

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