FunNature & AnimalDog diseases: symptoms to know how to detect them

Dog diseases: symptoms to know how to detect them

There will be few times that we get confused when we say that our dog is weird. You may not understand the symptoms well but if you are very attached to your furry, you will know that something in his behavior has changed. You are the key to keeping your animal healthy. You are because you take care of him so that he maintains his health but also because you serve as an alarm when he is not feeling well . Let’s learn how to detect the symptoms of dog diseases .

There are recurring symptoms in many dog diseases

There will bechanges in behavior and routineof your animals that will be the unequivocal sign that something is wrong in their organism. Let’s review them:

Lack of appetite.That our dog stops eating can be due to several diseases, although it can also be a sign of another reason that has nothing to do with a pathology, for example that it is hot,that is in heatThat he does not like the new I think you have given him … If it is a symptom of a disease, it will come from the hand of some other change such as having a fever,vomit… In any case, if your dog stops eating, go to the vet.

Shake your head. Does it seem that your furrythey give him spasmsand you keep shaking your head? It is an almost certain sign thatsomething happens to your ears: has ainfection, and whenstucksomething … Your furry friend’s way of trying to get rid of the discomfort is by shaking his head quickly. Do not try to put serums that you bought for yourself, or home remedies. If you can’t stop shaking your head, go to theclinic!

Legañas.Legañas are those secretions that the eye produces and are retained on the sides of the eye. This annoying and ugly substance may be a sign that our little friend has aeye problem. Clean the legañas when you find them but if it is not something temporary and you have them continuously, it’s time to visit the vet!

Bad breath.Halitosis is an indisputable sign that our dog has a mouth problemor gastrointestinal. Normally when our friend has bad breath and we notice it, it is because he urgently needs aMouth cleaningso that they take away thefunor alleviate amouth infectionIf you allow your animal to eathuman foodThis will remain between the teeth of the furry and in the end it will cause a bad smell of care in its mouth … If this happens to your dog, what should you do? To veterinary!

Vulvar dischargeIn mating season, bitches secrete abloody vulvar discharge, (of different characteristics depending on the specimen). If you notice that during this time you ingest much more water than normal (polydipsia) and then urinate very abundantly and many times (polyuria), It’s time to visit the animal doctor!

LumpsIf stroking your pet you notice anybossor lump, it may be a “simple”wartbut also more serious issues such as asebaceous cystand included atumor. The best thing is that when a mass appears on your dog’s body, you go to the veterinary clinic!

Scratches frequentlyScratching is an intrinsic action of any animal (rational or not) and has nothing to do with being poorly washed or rude. But if you notice that your best friend does it very often and with great force, so much so that he even hurts himself, it is clear that something is causing him an intense itch, what do you think you should do in this case? Exactly! Veterinary!

It is too hot.It is somewhat more difficult to find out but if you notice that your animal is warmer than usual and has not been in the sun for a while, it is likely that it has a fever. This rise in temperature is accompanied by a dry nose. For these cases, it is best to have a thermometer for the exclusive use of the animal, you have to insert it gently through the rectum because it is the most effective way. Our furry has astandard temperature of about 38.5 degrees, so nothing happens if this temperature is at 37. But if you notice that it has risen more than normal, the vet should see him.

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