FunNature & AnimalDogs also have a mania for things or people

Dogs also have a mania for things or people

Dogs also have hobbies for certain objects, people or situations, like us. These abnormal emotional behaviors do not usually occur in optimal natural environments. These manias are triggered when the animal faces a conflict that it is not able to resolve and from which it cannot escape.

When this has happened to him once and he has not gotten out of these situations, he will learn his lesson and in the next few occasions he will activate other mechanisms to defend himself against the subject who gives him “bad vibes”. It will act in a similar way to fear: it will hide, it will start barking continuously, it will whine, it will flee from the conflict …

Some situations in which you can catch mania are:

· Thunder and storms. They are powerful noises, roars that they hear much louder and that take them out of their tranquility. Total mania.

· Travel carriers. They know that this is going to mean a time of dizziness and being locked up, they associate them with a bad experience and, therefore, they catch a mania.

· Have someone pass by your property. Animals that live in houses with gardens or on low floors with windows facing the street develop a great mania for humans and animals that pass near their territory. This can trigger a continuous barking when someone passes by. It can bring you problems if you have neighbors, it is not pleasant to hear a dog barking all day, let’s be aware and let him go out or look out the window only at times and at reasonable hours.

· Strange people who come across. It is a different case from the previous one. Lucky, my first dog, would bark and walk away from “strange looking” people on the street. You don’t have to judge anyone but the fact is that she did: if she saw a man sleeping on a bench with a brick of wine she would bark at him, and it is not that she always barked at the poor people who lived on the street, alone it was those with strange expressions. We said that it had been a police dog in another life. Something similar has happened to someone, right?

Manias are resolved with proper socialization and education

Many of these “bad vibes” are avoided with proper socialization and education, but it is also true that no matter how hard we try, it will be impossible for us to avoid or anticipate all conflict situations.

Roko, Carlos’s first dog, was terrified of being locked in something similar to a box, drawer or similar … Many might think that this is due to his bad experience on the trip from the United States to Spain inside a box of transport for animals … nope!

One day when Roko went to his bathing session, Carlos came up with the great idea of putting him in one of the drawers designed for drying dogs, some drawers that allow the hairdresser more comfort, a homogeneous drying and more fast … less traumatic!

At that time, he says, “I forgot a lot of the advice that is so easily given and that is so difficult to follow. Let’s say that Roko didn’t like the idea of being put into that drawer and that I forgot the most basic rules of behavior of a good owner. I pushed and Roko “backed down.” Roko finally won, but we both lost. From that day on, the simple approach to the hairdresser produced a clear discomfort: he trembled, tried to escape, grunted the hairdresser … mea culpa ”.

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