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Don't buy animals online

We will always recommend that before buying, you value the option of going to a municipal animal shelter or an association shelter where there are many abandoned animals in need of love and who deserve a new opportunity. In addition, in Spain, in many municipal centers animals that have not been adopted after a while are sacrificed.

If you are looking for a purebred animal and you do not find any in the shelters, the next option is to buy. Today practically all our purchases are made online, and how could it be otherwise, the Internet is also full of portals where you can buy animals. Recently in Spain animals are considered sentient beings and not things , this is one of the reasons why we must reject this option.

Where do the animals that are sold online come from?

For exotic and wild species , the Internet has become the best medium for their sale . There is control over these channels to combat and eradicate their sale. You can find tigers, birds, primates, reptiles and turtles among others. Companies use great means to fight against this traffic.

Offline and in the Wild ( ), issued a publication on the progress achieved by the companies of the coalition, convened by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), TRAFFIC and the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) where it concludes that the efforts made by these companies are helping to cancel the ways that cybercriminals use to exploit wildlife.

On the other hand, we find another type of illegal traffic that seems to worry the authorities less, but no less serious for that. We are talking about the importation of puppies from Eastern countries such as Hungary and Slovakia , among others. There the mafias acquire puppies in illegal farms where they keep the exploited mothers all their lives in cold and dark cells, among dirt and without any type of sanitary control. The puppies are separated from their mothers when they are barely twenty days old and travel in vans for more than three days, many die on the way , at that age they need to be with their mothers and receive special care that they obviously do not receive from the carriers.

Once in Spain , these puppies end up in the hands of unscrupulous people, who do not hesitate to sell them on Internet portals with beautiful photos that attract buyers. They arrive without health guarantees, with falsified passports, without a rabies vaccine , without deworming and with diseases such as distemper or parvo, with a degree of severity that can lead the puppy to death.

They are sold throughout Spain , so the nightmare of the puppies continues, they still have to travel throughout the country until they reach the buyer. Families take in that wonderful pup in the beautiful photo on the Internet, but they are completely unaware of its provenance. Within a few days many get sick , these people will do everything possible to save their lives admitted to a veterinary center, it will cost them a significant sum of money, and if they are lucky they will survive, but many die . People from the first minute already feel that puppy as a new member of the family, they see him get sick, suffer and die, for them it is an important emotional drama. Of course, don’t worry, there is a guarantee, the seller will send another puppy, as if it were a defective appliance. But unfortunately, coming from the same place, you can suffer the same fate.

On the Internet, we also find puppies bred in Spain, their origin is illegal macro breeders. They exist throughout the Spanish territory. They keep the animals in warehouses, basements, unhealthy places where they live overcrowded because what comes first is money, the more puppies, the more income. It has the same modus operandi, beautiful photos in green meadows or on silk cushions, but the reality is much more dramatic. In recent years, Seprona and the National Police have dismantled several illegal farms . To give an example, in Madrid, specifically in Arganda del Rey, a farm was dismantled in a chalet, several rooms had been dug under the basement where they kept more than 250 dogs of the Chihuahua breed. Crammed into cages, without natural light, with an extractor fan that renewed the air. Several protectors took charge of the custody of all the animals. Some of the females had suffered several caesarean sections, they were devastated inside by the inhumane exploitation to which they were subjected.

This is the reality of buying animals online, you should not collaborate with this animal abuse, do not be an accomplice. If you want to buy an animal, go directly to a breeder, know first-hand where they live, how they care for them, make sure they have all the authorizations, and above all that they give you an invoice, if not, rule out buying in that place.

Animals are living beings that feel cold, hungry, thirsty and afraid, you can put an end to these mafias and the exploitation they exert on them, if there is no demand, there is no business.

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