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Dragon Ball Super: Broly – The final battle is coming

The countdown is coming to an end and all Dragon Ball fans turn their gaze to the movie theaters. ” Dragon Ball Super: Broly ” is the latest feature film derived from the successful series that will premiere in Spanish cinemas on February 22 and today a new trailer has come to light that continues to open mouths and make fans salivate. Goku, Vegeta and (in this case with more reason) Broly . Less than a minute and a half have gone a long way and we can only describe it with one word: frantic .

It is not entirely clear what the story arc that the film will follow or how it will lead the characters to the impressive final fight that we all hope, but there are things that we do know or that we can at least assume. The first thing is that the film will be a direct continuation of the events experienced during the Tournament of Power , one of the biggest events of recent times in the Dragon Ball universe. It also has the script of the great Akira Toriyama , who will take advantage of the new origin of Goku from ‘ Dragon Ball Minus ‘ and will rewrite some aspects of Broly’s past.

The images that we have seen so far seem to indicate that this will be a film of parents and children. We will see how Goky, Vegeta, Broly and even Freeza have been affected by the decisions made by their parents and how they have inherited their grudges and confrontations. It seems that Bardock, King Vegeta or Paragus will also have an important role in the film and may be the key to understanding the confrontation between the protagonists . Finally, we have finally been able to listen to the song “ Blizzard ” by Daichi Miura , and the truth is that it fits perfectly with the animation and the fight scenes.

With what we know so far, it seems that we will find ourselves before a film that will “re-explore” the very essence of the main characters and offer us a more complex version of that great villain that is Broly . When it comes to Dragon Ball Super , we take for granted large amounts of fights, explosive attacks and an epicity that few sagas have managed to match . Let’s trust Toriyama’s mind and resist the little time we have left waiting, because the legendary Super Saiyan is already here …

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