AutoDS Aero Sport Lounge: perfect aerodynamics

DS Aero Sport Lounge: perfect aerodynamics

The coronavirus has been able to with the two annual motor shows, first the one in Geneva and finally the one in Paris. Some firms have declined the invitation of the French organizers due to lack of budget, this 2020 has to tighten their belts. That would have been the best showcase to present a prototype like the DS Aero Sport Lounge, a fairly realistic concept car close to production. The luxury firm of the PSA group confirms this: “The DS Aero Sport Lounge represents the vision of DS Automobiles, in the medium term. A vision that will begin to travel its first kilometers after the end of the quarantine. ” A sketch capable of circulating and showing off its very large body, five meters long , through the streets of the French capital.

For the firm, this concept car is not an impossible fantasy to realize. Its development has a reason to be: to face the challenges of the future. At first glance, it is clear that it is a prototype, with minimalist but marked lines and suicidal opening doors. The designers have played with the bodywork to orient the airflow for near-perfect aerodynamics. As the firm tells us, its coupe- style roof and front air intakes direct the air with little impact against it. The huge 23-inch faired wheels do n’t go unnoticed either, a solution that we see again with current electric models. Inside we only see a steering wheel, a comforting image for those of us who refuse to forget the pleasure of driving.

Designed to enjoy

In the cockpit of the DS Aero Sport Lounge the mantra ‘less is more’ is fulfilled, the buttons disappear, there are no fixed screens, there is no control panel and the central tunnel incorporates a camera to manage the infotainment system. That system is displayed on the flat surface in front of the occupants, a smart dashboard that incorporates two wide sheets between the top and bottom piece. In them, the information is projected from the upper sheet, made of straw marquetry, to show data related to navigation, multimedia, connectivity and communication .

The armrest, with a built-in camera, is able to read and interpret the movements of the driver and passenger. The Big Brother of the DS Aero Sport Lounge will respond to human movements with claimed action and a sensory response, so we know that he has understood us. Thanks to tiny ultrasound speakers, a wave is emitted that will impact the skin of the hand, as if we were touching a solid surface. A Head-Up Display is projected on the windshield , with augmented reality technology , which will provide the information necessary for driving. The mirrors are replaced by two vertical side screens.

Comfort of the future

It is common to see doors open upside down on a prototype. The new Mazda MX-30 has moved it into production units, so we could see it more often. When opening the DS Aero Sport Lounge, we see a spacious cabin with four individual seats. Its upholstery has been carried out with satin cotton, a material that surrounds the high intensity foam of the structure. DS ensures that this technology provides superior comfort, combining the soft touch of the surface with the robustness of the interior.

The objective was to build a sustainable concept car , using noble and recycled materials. The doors have been created with a technical woven three-material microfiber fabric . A design that allows some transparent spaces, ideal to improve the ambient light in the cabin. Thierry Metroz, Design Director of the DS Aero Sport Lounge comments: “We show our willingness to offer luxury while also caring about our environmental footprint.”

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