NewsEnola Holmes 2 announced: Millie Bobby Brown back on...

Enola Holmes 2 announced: Millie Bobby Brown back on Netflix

Netflix finally makes it official: Millie Bobby Brown returns for part 2 of “Enola Holmes” on domestic TV screens.

76 million households watched “Enola Holmes” in the first 28 days after it was released on September 23rd on Netflix. No wonder that the streaming giant has now decided to go into the next round with the film. Millie Bobby Brown (17) as Enola Holmes and Henry Cavill (38) as her big brother Sherlock Holmes are of course there again, * reports.

It is not yet known whether Sam Claflin (34) will return as the third Holmes sibling Mycroft. However, the actor announced in September that he was having a lot of fun producing the film and would like to be part of a sequel – should Netflix ask him.

The second part will also revolve around the rebellious Holmes sister Enola. The teenager is quite a bit younger than her two detective brothers – but she is not inferior to them in terms of intelligence and instinct. The films are based on Nancy Springer’s book series “The Enola Holmes Mysteries”, which consists of six volumes. There is no official start date yet.

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