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Essential guidelines to prevent diseases in dogs

The humans in charge of the life of a domestic animal not only have to feed and play with it from time to time, to strictly follow a series of sanitary guidelines and follow the calendar that your veterinarian sets for us is going to be one of the priorities of responsible ownership . Our dog, our best friend, also needs a “tune-up” from time to time.

The human being is truly curious, when he does not have something he wants madly to have it … but when he has achieved it, he stops valuing it in a short time. How much would we give to have an AIDS vaccine? We put this extreme example because we have many vaccines that cure serious diseases of our dogs but, for some reason, many of the owners do not see certain reminders necessary. Laziness and money can also be your excuses but within the sanitary responsibilities that humans have towards our animals is to prevent any disease that we can.

Vaccination is indisputably a great invention, an invaluable scientific achievement, a simple method by which we “teach” a living being to defend itself against beings with evil intentions … Why do we see it as an annoying routine and an attack? frontal to our economies?

It is also the only preventive method that we have at our disposal to confront with guarantees the fight against distemper, parvovirus, rabies … A simple method that provides our best friend with powerful weapons with which to defend himself.

We must emphasize that there are certain cases in which, despite having the dog vaccinated, the disease can occur for several reasons:

· Because the animal is low on defenses.

· Because the virus that causes the disease has too many resources.

· Because it is different from the viruses that the vaccine carried.

To understand this last part, comment on what happens year after year with flu vaccines: these vaccines are different every year because “the bugs” that cause the flu also change. If the vaccine does not carry the information of “the bugs of the year”, we can get sick even if we have been vaccinated.

A tip from Muy Pets: although in an autonomous community it is not required to put a vaccine, let’s do it. We must protect our animal against any disease every year.

This is one of the basic sanitary tasks that we must carry out punctually and to the letter. Parasites are exploited beings that live at the expense of other living beings. They are a potential cause of serious diseases and it is our responsibility to prevent and / or attack them so that they disappear from the body of our animal.

Internal parasites. The most widely used method is to administer a good product indicated by the veterinarian or a combination of several. We must provide our dog between four and six internal deworming a year (every three months). It would be ideal that before each deworming a stool analysis was done and thus put treatment in the event that it had them.

External parasites. In this case we have it a little more difficult … In the fight against fleas and ticks there is no product with 100% efficiency. To combat external parasites we must study a strategy with the collaboration of the veterinarian. In some cases a collar may be enough, in others a spray or a pipette … but in many cases the fight against external parasites is won through the intelligent use of various products.

Mosquitoes are very difficult to control and transmit serious diseases to the dog. We will apply the products that the veterinarian recommends and as often as he says, but it is advisable to go to our veterinarian once a year so that through a blood test , he can find out if any mosquito has been able to transmit a disease to the animal (leishmaniasis, filariasis. ..).

We have just mentioned one of the many reasons why our dog should benefit from effective periodic check-ups: the transmission of diseases due to parasites. Apart from this, we must check dental health, “check” our old dog, put the vaccines in order …

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